how to nute your plant?

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  1. some one please explain to me how to nute a plant, and i mean like testing the run off then what do you do from there??? how do you know when to add more base nutes? do you add base nutes and supplements at different times? i haven't every seen anything on this maybe thats why the main problem is over ferting and not flushing right.. sounds funny but its true i bet some one needs to make a post pertaining this.

    also whats the diff between bigger percents vs lower just the percentage lol? time release i assume. im fairly experienced and have a faint idea of this can some one lay it out its never covered in any books.

  2. I don't test run off every time, but sometimes I do just to see if there are salt buildups happening. If the run off has a higher EC than the nutrient solution I back off some on the strength.

    You can either wait until you see deficiencies and add more then, or just raise the EC slightly every feeding until reaching a peak. That peak varies depending on strain. I would start around .6 EC and move up slowly to around 1.2 - 1.8 EC once it's fully mature. Generally with this strength you can use a water/feed/water/feed routine with good success.

    As far as supplements, most can be mixed at the same time as the base nutrients. The main thing to remember is to add each one, then mix, then add the next one, mix, repeat. You don't want to add them all at the same time without mixing first because some of the elements can react with each other and precipitate out of the solution, which means the plant won't be able to use them.

    Just the percentage pretty much. For example 20-20-20 means that the nutrient solution is composed of 20% Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium. Then the other 40% is made up of all of the other essential elements, Ca, Mg, etc.
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    alright well another question since your here so it get pretty cold at night here and my plants are yellow and purple stems cause the nute up take is slow so can i foliar spary them every day? and basicly the soil is like hydroponics?..well it technically it is right cause im in a inert medium. so do i try and keep my ec up i the soil? or do i keep it in a range by watering for alot longer with just plain water?
  4. Possibly, but what will you do when you start flowering? You don't want to spray your buds with anything. Best to just get a heater so that you can keep your temps controlled.
  5. ya it sucks cause its just barley to cold and my run off is like 1800ppm but no burn ec is probely like 2500. i get a nice purp to my buds tho yeilds arnt affected to much

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