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How to not look suspicious

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by gamer25, Jun 30, 2011.

  1. I wear aviators to cover my temporary Chinese eyes
  2. I used to use eye drops to avoid looking blazed when around my parents but now-a-days I don't give a fuck who knows I'm stoned.
  3. Don't act all sketch and you'll be fine, just be chill and enjoy your high.
  4. sunglasses for sure. i got pulled over a couple weeks ago stoned as fucckk and the cop didnt know a thing. thank you oakleys :)
  5. After I get back to my room when I've finished smoking, I just change into normal clothes. I don't wear sunglasses because it always looks shady. If my eyes are really that red, I just use some visine, but usually my eyes just get light pink (unless I'm blazed beyond belief).

    I do better when I don't focus on acting sober, but rather focus on getting from point A to point B without doing things that I can help not doing (falling down, running into walls, geeking, etc). So far, I've been able to talk to people baked without them really picking up on it. I even had a 5-minute discussion with my Resident Advisor literally ten minutes after I got done smoking a fatty made with some serious dank.

    People tend to screw up when they focus on the fact that they are high rather than what they are supposed to be doing.
  6. I have never been caught before *thanks goodness!* ...I just pull out my bong WHEREVER and just light it up. I dont worry about my surroundings and no one has ever bothered me. Just dont be all paranoid and looking around and just chill and let the smoke make your day :)
  7. Same here. My college is extremely liberal, so basically the only people that give a damn about students smoking weed are the administrators, but even then I'm pretty sure they just care because they legally have to. On more than one occasion, joggers and bikers passed me smoking weed behind buildings and didn't say shit. Well, except for the other people who go to smoke...

    I was smoking behind the Administration building one time when I noticed a group of ten or so students walking toward me. I quickly put the joint out and placed it into my coat pocket and scurried off into the woods. On my way, one of the kids yelled "Hey, you!" and I about shit myself. Then, he held a long-ass joint up in the air, and then everyone else held their joints or pipes up and cheered me on. It was incredible.
  8. if your smoking in public just be casual about it, and when your high just act like a normal person with nothing to hide, be confident and youll be good

  9. [​IMG]
  10. Don't get too high. Plain and simple.

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