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How to not look high

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by BobbyBlaze, Feb 12, 2009.

  1. i wanna smoke weed cuz im home alone,
    but i nedda pick up my brother in like 1 hour,
    me picking me up involves me, telling someone his name, and my name, showing my ID and signing him out
    so how do i not look high?

    i dont wanna look high cuz the workers are kinda friends with my mom,

    i searched the house,

    i DO NOT have eye drops xP
  2. sounds like you should just wait....


    especially if you dont have eyedrops and arent going to pick up any on your way

    people expect someone "under the influence of pot" to act out and for it to be obvious...for the most part

    so it starts with appearance...eyedrops

    then smell... cologne

    after that you'll be straight just act natural and relaxed like you should anyways
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  5. Smoke Take a Shower
    And because you do have to drive
    Stop at a place to get Eye Drops
    Then Bam You did it

    Your eyes will go from this


    to this

  6. Yeah if your not going to pick up some drops just wait it out man.. Just pick him up you should be fine :smoke:
  7. Go stand in front of a bathroom mirror. If you're really baked, you'll probably notice how goofy you look. Take a deep breath and try to clear your head and look straight. You can't do much about your eyes if you don't have drops. Like the others mentioned, make sure you don't smell. The most important thing in distracting people from your high is YOUR BEHAVIOR. Don't swagger, walk. Don't mumble, speak clearly and intelligibly. Be outgoing and nice. As long as you're not acting like something is up, they have no business bothering you. Your eyes can turn red from irritation, allergies, or even from rubbing your eyes. Think of something.
  8. Drink something sugary, it will mellow you out and youll be able to function better.
  9. lol no it wont
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  10. Dude just open your eye lids. Make sure they aren't closed and BAM you go from lost in your head and whats immediately infront of you to aware of everything.

    Then when you talk look people straight in the eye and and just know that they have no idea your high, and all they know is that you're a guy looking them in the eyes. Once you realize from the outside you look fucking normal as long as you keep your eyes open you'll be fine. It's all in your head. If you start to freak out and think they think you're high, they will think you're high.
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  11. Soooo many things during your experiences with MJ can be explained with this one sentence. Everything just seems exaggerated when you're baked. If you get the slightest idea that you suspect someone may know, then you may eventually convince yourself that it's true. Just don't geek out and you'll be set. :cool:
  12. Smoked out Loc'ed out

    Just put some shades on if its sunny, kinda weird walking around with overcast and dark shades on. If not, wait, or pick up eyedrops.
  13. drink like 3 bottles of water, i've done this man of times, why don't you pick som visine on the way to pick your brother up?
  14. Heres what I'd do.. Fuck it :) just do it because you're just paranoid and nobody ever notices... accept for the guy who's selling bongs. yeah he knew..
  15. My eyes never turn red :(
  16. I used to say that until the first time someone actually got me fucking ripped.
  17. If they don't have reason to think you're blazed they won't know, belive me its not as obvious as you think, if your eyes are red, wear sun glasses or don't make eye contact.
    I've been to school blazed, just as long as know one knows and you're still on planet earth its fine.
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  18. DUh Smoke with your eyes closed :smoke:

    Haha JK
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    I would really try to pick up some like 3$ visine on the way, but if you cant do that wash your face with cold water and get a little water in your eyes and it will clear them. Also, just make sure youre eyes are open and spray off so you dont reek of smoke. Ive gone into my high school office baked with like 2 other friends and had to sign myself in to school and i had dunkin donuts with me too haha.:) None of them knew we were high either. The whole point is, the people who work at the office are smart, but if you act at least pretty straight they shouldn't notice.:smoke:\
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