how to not get high

Discussion in 'General' started by stash_up, Jul 25, 2003.


how do you not get high?

  1. by not smoking it

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  2. by not smoking enough

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  3. by smoking 3 0r 4 bowls

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  1. me and dr_krapp got blazed and i asked him "how do u not get high?" i forgot what i was supposed to ask him, so we made a poll about it.
  2. lol
    I REMEMBER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ok? good
  3. Eat kleenex???
    Don't think that gets you high...
    Non-scented, ofcourse...
  4. ^:D mmmmmmmm^
  5. wtf is wrong with this thread ... why would u NOT wanna get high?!?!?! just dont smoke it?!?! wtf kinda question is that...
  6. its a stoned question

    p.s i wasnt typing lol :p
  7. yar, lol this a badass thread!
  8. you could put on clothes!
    mite just be me but that dosent get me high
  9. if ya don't wanna get high..... don't leave the ground.
  10. I find that a poke in the eye with a sharp stick gets me quite un-high. The same can also be said for bangin my thumb with a hammer and shoving a red hot poker up nevermind
  11. thats definatly a stoner question-exactly why wouldnt u want to get high?!

  12. i'll do it if u will lol
    you go first

  13. eeeewwwwwwww
    lol :p
  14. its a joke!

    hey u could tell a joke to not get high :p lol

  15. that wouldnt work cuz id have to be severly fucked up to go to mass in the first place

  16. that wouldnt work cuz id have to be severly fucked up to go to mass in the first place

    sorry, im high and i quoted the wrong thinger

  17. then why are u replying?!
    the same reason im replying high, NO REASON!

  18. exactly
  19. for crying out loud!

    lol, im crying out loud :D
  20. cool, i didnt think this thread would get so many replies :D

    now im all teary, i think i got something in my eye...

    ...oh no, thats just red eye :smoking:

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