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How to Not Get Caught

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Get Highhh, Feb 12, 2009.

  1. The Guide to not getting caught,

    Here it goes,

    1) First off, if you live with your parents, treat them with respect. If you want to tell them about your marijuana use, cite research, get good grades, and don't be the typical moody confrontation teenager. It is their house, their rules, respect that.

    2) If you need to keep your stuff inside, conceal it and do not put it in obvious places (ie: Drawers, under your bed ect.).
    Think of some ingenious spaces they won't even think of checking.

    Try this if you can't find anywhere to put it
    [ame=""]YouTube - How to make a secret, disguised safe.[/ame]

    3) Put all the stuff you need into one little stash spot: A pipe, lighter, visine/rohdo, weed, maybe some pocket mouthwash, papers, blunt wrap, anything you need for you for your stoner adventures

    4) Pick the spot you smoke in wisely, a place only you go, or that people rarely go, especially if you are new to weed
    (Side note: It is all about the swiftness, I've walked down the sidewalk blazing, and in more public places because it is done casually, don't be a dumbass)

    5) Make friends with your dealer, if you aren't comfortable to joke around and smoke with your dealer, you probably shouldn't be buying from them

    6) Do NOT smoke weed at school, you DO lose your rights at school and can get searched at any time. If you need to, do what I do and roll and J or blunt and smoke it on the way to school. Use a crappy old lighter that you can ditch or put it a zip lock back and leave it in a known spot. You can also bring gum and visine/rohdo to school, they aren't illegal [If questioned, tell them you get itchy eyes, simple as that]

    7) Don't be a stereotypical fuck up stoner, Get good grades, wear clean clothes, respect your parents and friends ect

    8) I have nothing by any means against getting/being high in public, but don't be an ass about it, that's how you get caught

    9) Do not be in possesion while doing other illegal stuff, if you shoplift, the last thing you want is to be fucked for that and the dub you have in your pocket, keep it to one illegal thing at a time

    10) Learn what rights you have when you are getting pulled over, when you are walking down the street, and in your home. Learn all about it from this site

    11) Don't be sketchy about things, ACT CASUAL it's pretty much second nature for me to make what ever I'm doing legitimate ie: What we're actually doing: Smoking a blunt and driving around, What I tell people I don't want knowing: I got picked up, we went down to Taco Bell, ate a bit, and decided to catch a movie, or go to someones house

    12) The best way to get rid of the smell is to first off STASH the STASH, pop in some visine, get a fresh change of clothes, take a shower, brush your teeth, and kick back

    13) Respect authority, as hard as it, the police will treat you better if you aren't a complete ass, same with just about anyone

    I'm probably missed some but ehh I'm tired,

    To sum it up; Be clever, sneaky, casual, respectful, and smart

  2. some good advice for beginners +rep
  3. hate to be an asshole and anal about this but i really dont think (and probably others) that this belongs in the seasoned tokers section. You shouldn't be here if you still live with your parents i think personally or at least don't post how to not get caught because most of us have just been honest people about it. Apprentice section though, this would flurish. Good job though puttin this shit together.
  4. you should put this on the apprentice board
  5. "Please share your vast knowledge of the herb"

    I don't live with my parents, I moved out the day I turned 18, it's just the ways I never got caught
  6. Seasoned Tokers already know how to not get caught
  7. good tips though!

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