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How to not feel so tired in the morning

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Powerade, Nov 24, 2011.

  1. Normally don't mind feeling so tired in the morning because usually i'll have to go university, can smash a few coffees and the likes to wake up, i usually work nights as well so thats fine. But, lately i've been doing some early morning labouring, to get to sleep by about 10/11pm i literally have to smoke myself to sleep.

    Does anyone have any tips of things they do before bed that makes them less tired/groggy feeling in the morning and easier to get going?
  2. I notice the day after I dabbed a shit load of abv qwiso, I slept for like 12hour , i usually get 7-8
    woke up feelin groggy still
  3. get plenty of exercise the night before and take melatonin. works for me

  4. dabbing: a method of smoking concentrates; see this post.

    ABV: already vaped bud; see this post.

    If you see a term you're unsure of, select it and you should see a little magnifying glass come up. Click it for a contextual search of GC. Usually the first couple of posts it finds will answer your question :wave:

  5. im really fuckin high i thought the guy was using slang, we can let this go guys
  6. Wasn't trying to be a dick or anything...I personally didn't know what "ABV" was. Just trying to be helpful :)

  7. thanks man:smoke:
  8. turn off your electronics at least an hour before you go to bed. Theres been studes done that show electronc interference can interfere with your brains ability to reach the REM sleep stage. also, too much outside stimulation to your brain hinders this as well.

    eat an apple in the morning. The simple sugars it contains are more easily processed by your body than caffeine. So youll wake up faster.

    Lastly, keep a positive attitude dude. Tell yourself when you wake up that its gonna be a great day and youll be more stoked on it entirely..

    Good luck blade.

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