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How to not fall victim to sleep?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Cincle38, Feb 10, 2013.

  1. Okay when I'm high one thing that always happen is within an hour I tend to feel tired and fall asleep. On the otherhand, my friends can toke up alot and go out and do something fun but when I feel that tiredness coming in all I want to do is chill until fall asleep which doesn't take that long at all if I'm at home. I just feel like I'm not only wasting my high but also wasting valuable time where I could be doing something better than just sleeping. So my question is any advice to help me not get tired as quick as I do?
  2. Buy a vape and put it ti 356 degrees Fahrenheit. Less sedatives will be released

  3. I have an mflb which I use before going to sleep because I also end up getting tired off that's but that's not a problem tho because I only use it just before bed anyway.
  4. I'm the same way dude. I honestly think it just depends on the person. I seem to become more burnt out easily. But if I smoke and actually get high, my friends are like having full blown conversations and laughing and I'm just sitting there like just not even being able to concentrate and speak words. And to put into perspective of how much I smoke, I've been smoking daily for about 7 months now, it's gotten a little better just cus tolerance levels have rose, but I just accept it and move on.

  5. depends on 2 things IMO.

    the kinda buds ur smokin (sativa, indica)

    and your tolerance.

    i think those are the two biggest factors.
  6. Energy drinks. Do something fun and youll be fine.

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