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How to not experience paranoia while smoking weed

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by Raggatokan, Jan 24, 2011.

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    --- If you've been smoking for a while and can't seem to enjoy Mary Jane like you first used to --- Please do all of the following:

    1) Use low grade weed, preferably naturally grown without any chemical added. Just make sure it's not old/dry. (Easier to find, and it's the cheaper kind)

    2) If you can, work out a little before smoking, not necessarily breaking a sweat, just enough so some of your natural endorphins (natural chemicals produced and realeased by your own body when you exercise) get released into your bloodstream.

    3) Setting: if you're introvert, it helps to take off alone, in a familiar place if possible, while having one of your favorite tunes playing in the background. If extravert, having people around is fine, but again if possible, have one of your fave tunes playing in the background.

    4) Dosage: Slow delivery is the key. I never tried a vaporizer but I only heard good things about them, so if you have one, it would be preferable and healthier. Otherwise, your joint/pipe will do the trick. Take one hit, then go walk around and enjoy your world for a little while. Come back, take another hit, walk away and enjoy your world. Come back for another one, etc.. over and over again for as long as you want the trip to last.

    5) Start enjoying!! :D If fear/uneasiness/incessant thinking/paranoia still kinda knocks on the door, shift immediately your focus on your favorite authority figure/role model (Jesus, Bob Marley, Dad, Mom, a special teacher, Pachamama, Buddha, or anybody/anything in your life you love and make you feel super good anytime). Then enjoy your surroundings/time as stuff happens.

    - Christians, yes it's okay to experience it once in a while. Just try not to make it a regular habit. Jesus loves you (and me) no matter what we do, remember?

    - My background: First tried to smoke when I entered Freshman year at University, from times to times. Those times were a-w-e-s-o-m-e =) Worry free, I was experiencing me as myself and people as they are, whether I was with the rich man or the simple man, and everything made sense. Just pure joy and happiness, either socially or alone.
    After 5 years however, the experiences became totally different, almost the opposite of the ones I had when I first started to smoke. It made me sad and made me believe something was wrong with me. But I deep down knew that only something in the way I smoked needed to be tweaked. After 3 more years of struggle/unpleasant trips and trying to find a solution the times I was offered a smoke, I finally came up with those 5 simple - but effective - principles. Please try it and comment if you get a chance.

    Thanks brothers :cool: Love unto you all. Jah bless
  2. I like you man. Good first post! :smoke:
  3. ... why do you refer to them as "trips", not acid bro.
  4. First post man? Nice. This is pretty good. I'd like to add a little something.
    1. Music is amazing high. But it controls Ur mood. So don't listen to scary Pyscho music, listen to music that makes u happy.
    2. Personally, I've never been paranoid on weed. Actually it's quite the opposite I feel more relaxed on weed. But it does happen to people and it can be that Ur to high, so like the OP said, start slow, noneed to take 5hits of dankin one sittin, just go slow, space it out.
    3. Mainly, just don't get high with people u don't like, people Ur scared of, or people that hate u, make fun of u, etc. It's not fun and it makes the paranoia worst.
    4. Stay happy and keep blazin :bongin:
  5. No point smoking low grade, you'll be smoking a whole plant to get high.
  6. I like to sit in my car with a nice view, windows cracked on a sunny day, listening to some of my favorite music, with my best dude beside me. It's what I do when I need some peace of mind. And I ALWAYS have my son in my head, thinking about him, because he's the only person who can make me happy.

  7. Unless you haven't ruined your tolerance with dank.
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    A Christian who uses "Jah" :confused::confused: ?

    I don't mean to critique your use of the Most High's true name, just suprised me :) If your interested you should look into the origin of the name "Jesus Christ", our Messiah's name was Yeshua, although we Rastafari know him as Immanuel, but "Jesus Christ" is simply a title
  9. I was googling and ran across this post...
    I have so much to say, and now I'm wondering why I didn't join a community like this a long time ago :)
    Thank you @ Raggatoken for the post, just realized the time of your post. I love two things, first that you shared your experience about the "bad" or negative effects it can have psychologically, and that you overcame it.
    I gave up smoking altogether due to that and thought I could never enjoy it again :(
    Too many times hanging out with dark, analytical, hope-sucking philosophers definitely took the joy out of it for me, even with beautiful, NE homegrown. Also, I am a Christian and know that Jesus LOVES me, more than I can express through words, it's beautiful, over-whelming LOVE. I lost the sense of that love though when I smoked, tripped and I believe, altered my chemical makeup, and became progressively more depressed over the period of about 5 years, until....through the help of another chemical...MDMA was "found", meaning I became open to the realness and closeness of Gods presence, His voice and knew he loved me and didn't want me to carry around the heavy sadness anymore, what a true high!! However, I haven't always been able to maintain that sense or feeling but still believe in its Truth. And the last time-several years ago I tried pot, I had the same ol negative "trip"
    So, I don't however feel that with MDMA....so, I know pot binds to certain chemical receptors in the brain, I wonder if males and females have different receptors? I should try your methods either way.... God love and bless your sweet soul
  10. Thanks for posting!

    The last time I smoked was with my boyfriend, and I bad tripped something awful =(. I think I smoked TOO much ...
  11. [quote name='"jennyishi"']Thanks for posting!

    The last time I smoked was with my boyfriend, and I bad tripped something awful =(. I think I smoked TOO much ...[/quote]

    How does one "trip" off weed? I want this information..
  12. I know that after I really did trip on acid, smoking good weed would feel very similar, only smoother and more pure, but didn't last as long...
  13. I wouldn't be paranoid if it was legal :rolleyes:
  14. Excuse me. "Trip." ;)

    The room was divided into segments, and each segment was moving in waves in the opposite direction. I must've passed out after that cuz I don't remember much after.
  15. Weed can most certainly be very slightly psychedelic feeling at very high doses. I've had edibles that were strong enough.

    I can see how a new smoker could have that happen if someone allowed them to rip the bong three times with barely any tolerance.

    Still though, I refer to my sessions as well, smoking. Definitely not a trip for me, just a better state of mind to be in. :smoke:
  16. Not to ruin your guide or anything, but I find consuming an indica dominant strain is the main change you need to make.

  17. Dude. Sooooo this.

    I used to be a strictly sativa and sativa dominant hybrids girl, was convinced it helped me work through my day more efficiently.
    Turns out, it was really just winding me up and making my anxiety worse.

    I smoke strictly indica dominants now and have seen such a dramatic and positive change.
  18. fuck the po-lice. :)
  19. I needed this, one of the best threads I ever read, thanks.
  20. LOL for the extra little christian info you put

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