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How to NEVER get caught

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by 64bit, Dec 28, 2009.

  1. Just thought i'd type up some thoughts on how to not get caught. It's stupid and annoying, and we just wanna get blazed without the worries, but I thought I'd try and make a thread where everyone pitches in ideas on how to not get caught.

    The Window


    The window is the one thing that you need access to to ensure that you never get caught. It acts as good ventilation and should air out your room whilst you are smoking.

    The Drawer/Spot


    You want to have a nice place that you can stash away all your shit. Don't get sloppy and leave stuff lying around like lighters, bowls or blunts. Everytime you finish a session pack up as soon as possible, i know you wanna relax and enjoy the high but you'll thank yourself in the long run. It doesn't need to be a drawer, just anything that you can hide your stuff in, like a wardrobe or even a cardboard box.

    Activated Carbon Sploof


    An activated carbon sploof is effectively an empty bottle filled with carbon pellets to filter out smoke. It comes in really handy and useful on many occasion. I have linked a guide to making one here (Thanks to ChiefBlazealot) I find it doesn't exactly filter out big hits amazingly, but the small ones it just does fine and the smoke seems to vanish.

    Small Smoking Apparatus


    This isn't exactly required, it just helps to minimise the amount of shit that can go wrong. Getting a bubbler/pipe or even joints are really small and convieniant to hide very quickly as opposed to maybe an 18" roor. After you have completed your session just blow on your piece to remove any remnants. You might not have the convieniance to rinse it with water so just wait until another time.

    The Fan


    This is definitely one of mankinds best invention's. Prefably get a smallish one that doesn't make too much noice. Not only will the fan create the airflow out a window but it will also cool your room a little.



    I kinda have mixed feelings about Incence. While it does mask any smell of smoke, it creates it's own smoke and could raise suspicions with people.

    The Almighty Febreeze


    I stand corrected, this is surely mankind's createst invention. Not only does febreeze eliminate odour it also leaves a very faint scene of something nice. This is surely a MUST if you want to be a ninja!

    Anyway, so there you have it, just some tips i'd thought i'd right while high and hopefully help some people out. Post back any other tips you guys have.
  2. very nice guide man. well done :)
  3. I like this.
    Smoke next to a window.
    with a fan.

    also fabreze sucks compaired to ozium.

  4. best way to never get caught is to not smoke in the house actually, make sure to spray febreeze lightly if you do.. too much is suspicious
  5. smoke outside, never smoke jays/blunts if you wanna be stealth.

    -delete your texts if you got nosty parents
  6. never say never xD
  7. idk why people smoke inside when they could just go outside and have nothing to worry about other than spraying themselves. Smoking in your house is pretty much the dumbest thing you can do if your trying not to get caught
  8. If you want to smell-proof a room, you cant forgot a towel over top and on the bottom.

    Nice guide :bongin:

  9. I tend to smoke outside when I'm living with my parents, but for some people, outside isn't always an option due to adverse weather.
  10. i like this guide. the pictures aren't freakishly big and your grammar is correct. :hello::hello::hello:

    why didn't you add the toilet paper roll sploof? i'm sure lots of new smokers want something easy and fast to make. what about the trick about the lighters? you know the questions people are always asking like, "how do i muffle the lighter sound?"

    props though!
  11. I mean, it gets pretty cold around winter where I live.

    Plus, when you are living in a is way too obvious smoking outside. Big brother is always rolling around. I can't smell it after I've been around weed for a while...but other people can. Handling people who notice you are smoking weed is a pain because I end up giving them a hit (because they ask for one lol).

    So much nicer hitting a bowl in my dorm and just airing the place out.
  12. lol this is a sick thread.. i agree with the febreze its very key when your burning inside especially with parents who dont want you bunin inside.. i just rolled a L smoked it in my room and right after i was done sprayed febreze all over LITERALLY 15 seconds after i sprayed the febreze my parents decided they wanted to see what i was up to didnt even notice OR SUSPECT ANYTHING im not sure though cuz i was high as fuck so my eyes were probally a dead giveaway .. but they didnt say anything so all is good:D:smoke:
  13. Nice post. Can you offer any advice to some of the people on this forum who need to trasnport QPs and the like? :O
  14. Or you can go outside?
  15. Or just smoke outside.
  16. Wet towel covering the bottom of your door does work.
  17. I just run a three foot length of hose out my window, blow it trough that, no smoke no smell :) been doing this for about three years and never been caught, have had groups of five or six friends smoke many a bowl this way and be fine. Oddly enough I'm the only person I have Seen who does this as well.
  18. Who says you can't go into ninja mode with joints/ blunts I do it all the time
  19. get a long hollow tube to blow out your window, just crack it and stick the tube out and blow thru it

    edit: gotalighter knows whats good

  20. At first was gonna say nps lol :p:wave: seriously this works wonders.

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