How to monitor Coco's PH

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  1. Like it says how can you monitor Coco's PH? Can't test run off, do I just consistently water with 5.8 and I'm all set? Seems like slurry test take hours to settle and unfortunately I do work....growing isn't my job sadly. Anyone have a simplified method? Soil and soiless mix you just test run off. I'm thinking of just using GH pH perfect nova series and cross my fingers, figure as long as I only water at 5.8-6.2 or try organic canuk grow show method with Dr earth organics as dry ammendments. Cross your fingers BC if a few grows don't work out using his method I'm calling that bs out.
  2. You have this posted in the wrong section of the forum.
  3. Idk if I am understanding correctly but in coco you monitor ph and ppm going in and from your run off. If it is ready mix coco in a bag it should have a buffer in it which I believe helps keep ph consistent but not 100 % sure on that. I am using mother earth 70/30 coco/perlite mix and botanicare cns grow formula for nutes and it's been going great for the first 3 weeks.
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