How to mix different nutrient brands?

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  1. Hi guys, first time aqquring some nutrients from a different brand as my usual general hydroponics was out of stock. I am wanting to use cyco supastiky and a nute up (fulvic acid) from a small brand i trust but not sure how to add them in order?
    My current nutrient reciepe goes armor si, calmag, flora micro gro and bloom all from general i add the cyco supastiky at the end followed by the fulvic acid for uptake?

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  2. I have NEVER heard that you have to have an order to add them in...??? That's new to me.....sorry I can't help you...but I would be interested to see the replies....
  3. I was always taught that you need to add certain ones first to prevent nutrient lock out etc. Worth looking into!

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  4. Yeah for sure..........I was always told as long as the roots can uptake what you are feeding....or the organisms in the soil can convert them...then you are ok as long as you PH the water.......... nutrient lock out comes when the roots can't pass the nutrients to the plant....which is usually a PH issue.
  5. That's normal. if you add them in the wrong order some supplements can bind with other elements and fall out of solution binded and not usable by the plant.

    I'm also a GH user. If you read the site it tells you to always do micro first, but if you use armor si you always have to add the silica supplement first. It's the most prone to combining with other elements and falling out of solution. It also is alkaline and causes you to have to use at least an extra drop of ph down per 2-3ml's of armor si.

    I do my fulvic acid and sugar type micronutrient supplements at the end. The order is only really important for the macro nutrients.

    You should just get rid of grow and switch to lucas formula for veg with flora micro/bloom. Twice as much bloom as micro unless the plants want more nitrogen then you can increase the micro. It gives you control of the NPK ratio. Grow throws it off and just has duplicate ingredients. I buy micro/bloom by the gallon and they're only $30 each. Lasts over a year on a personal grow.
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  6. Is that "true" or just a "stunt" to sell their products....seeming more "in depth".....
  7. It's true. Since Armor Si is very alkaline I've used it for ph up in already made solution when I didn't have any and I've seen the solids form from it as I inject it in the solution. They fall to the bottom as solid particles and stay there until water change.
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  8. Probably some type of silica calcium substance or sulfide.
  9. Welp I know calmag is added first. Then nute line, something with the mineral and mixing best... I read on it a while back. Avoids lockouts

    And for the Flora trio series. One of those is added first, it does state which one.. I think it was micro, but the box does state which

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  10. Interesting.............thank yall for that.........I didnt know
  11. Cal/mag only first if you don't use silica.

    There is a note 3 paragraphs down on the left side on this PDF. It says:

    Which comes rst, Armor Si or CALiMAGic? • When using both Armor Si and CALiMAGic, add Armor Si to the reservoir rst. • When using Armor Si and/or CALiMAGic, with Flora Series, these products should be added prior to adding FloraMicro.

    That is the GH feed chart for the flora series.
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  12. I want to get into using silica.

    Good info as usual Tbone Shuffle

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  13. Thought that was the case! Always been adding armor si, cal mag then micro gro and bloom in that order and it's been great but nowhere near as much resin production during this first hps grow compared to my led grows so i bought a bottle of cyco supastiky and should i just add that after the GH nutes?

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  14. I recently bought a bag of "soil sufur" it's 99% pure sulfur. I mixed two tsp per gallon of sulfur mix with my current veg plants a few days ago and now they are all praying. I feel like it was the missing ingredient in my routine. A plant eats as much sulfur as magnesium. It's the 6th most consumed element in a cannabis plant so it's a macro nutrient and people ignore it. It's most responsible for smell and taste as well.
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  15. I added that soil sulfur and 1tbsp per gallon extra dolomite lime along with 15% course perlite in promix. The extra dolomite lime acts as a lasting ph buffer and cal/mag supplement.
  16. Silica ends up replacing other elements in the cell wall and makes the stems much stronger. That's it's biggest benefit along with being a good potassium supplement. 4% potassium in armor si. BTW armor si by GH is the strongest silica supplement on the market by active ingredient. It's 10x stronger then AN's rhino skin and 5x stronger then botanicare silica blast. Look at the active ingredient amounts yourself.

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