How to milk a bong

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  1. Ok I’m a bit of a noob, I’m not a total noob but still a noob. See one of my friends has his cones this way where he just fills the chamber with smoke and just all of a sudden sinks the cone and clears it in like 10 seconds (that’s the time for the whole cone roughly I wasn’t paying that much attention) but if I pack a cone smaller than that it still take me longer to sink it and burns my lungs like crazy and yes I did ask him how he does it and he told me to just get a good cherry in the bowl and then breathe out and than in through my nose until I’m ready to sink it and then just start pulling hard but when I tried this I ran out of breath and nearly popped a cherry sorry about the long winded text but any advice would be highly appreciated cheers

  2. Why are you smoking cones in a bong lol?????
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  3. I pack my bong, start inhaling at a slow controlled pace and bring the lighter to the weed, once it cherries I take the lighter away and continue to pull. I can smoke a half gram in a single hit if I want, but usually do 2 or 3 smaller rips. Once it is milked up and I am ready for the hit I pull the slide and inhale as hard as I can to clear it
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  4. all i can say is practice makes perfect :) but try packing a smaller bowl than usual (not to small that it just falls through immediately when you start to breathe) i like to start with a nice breath of oxygen then i exhale and put my mouth to the bong and begin this process.... start to breathe in slowly while lighting the bowl... once the bowl cherries take the lighter away .... continue breathing slowly until near the end of the bowl... this will allow for the smoke to slowly "milk" up the bong, I like to call it brewing. Then start inhaling more aggressively to pull the rest through the bowl... when you see the last burnt piece go through pull the bowl out and continue with a more aggressive breath intaking all of the smoke at once...

    okay so the point im trying to make is brew the chamber (breathe slowly at first) !! when you breathe slowly it allows for the smoke to accumulate in the chamber of the bong instead of going directly up and into your throat for the entire process... then when the bong is full you clear it in like 1 second with a big hit and take all the smoke at once and breathe it out... so the smoke isnt tickling and burning your throat the whole time..
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  5. its not a game just chill this will come with experience

    and in time develop your own style so stop following the pack

    and remember those are your lungs

    good luck
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  6. Alright I’ll try develop my own style thanks
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  7. Th
  8. It's not a contest. Relax, enjoy and do what works best for you.
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  9. just focus on taking hits that are comfortable to you and not making you cough your lungs up. as you get more experienced and your lungs are more used to smoke you will just naturally start taking bigger hits.
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  10. I believe that's what they call bowl packs in Australia. A lot of them also use these shitty metal bowls for some reason. Idk maybe it's a culture thing.

    The legendary bong lord as a reference to what I'm talking about

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  11. Ah that makes sense then I was thinking who tf smokes a cone through a bong lol

    Legendary?? Dude takes like a 1 hitter then drinks the water lmaoo + why hasn't he got an actual bong :laughing::laughing:
  12. Check out his other videos he's a legend m8
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  13. Once I drank milk right before and after a giant bong hit and didn't even cough.
    I was unable to repeat the experiment though because I'm not a fucking milk drinker. And because I wrecked my bong
  14. a VERY heathy way to take hits..
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  15. It’s so funny seeing posts like this. I’m sure I consume more than most of you since I grow it and use daily, but I am totally lost on some of this. I didn’t start smoking until I was older so missed out on drug school. Had to self teach. I literally remember buying my first bong and reading a quora post in how to use it. I could do a full gram now if I wanted to, but tend to stick to the smaller hits. The only thing the big hit does for you imo is make you cough. Which gets you higher.

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