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How to meet good new friends

Discussion in 'General' started by h2xhardcore, Jan 1, 2013.

  1. I'm 19 go to community college

    Got 3.3 GPa

    I'm lonely need good friends

    Any tips be appreciated

    Thanks guys
    I'm vaping

    Have a good new year
  2. Well I'm sure your GPA wouldn't matter to your friends, but keep it up. Try to raise it to at least a 3.5 as well.

    But Community College isn't that good of a place to make friends. I should know, I go there.
    Hopefully transferring soon to a university. That's my best bet.
  3. Any other advise
    Thanks for the help
    I need to cut back smoking
  4. Like he said jobs. Or the gym. I'm unemployed right now so really I only go to the gym and home.
  5. I'm 19, go to community college, work part time, am high right now, and have 3-4 close friends. All others are acquaintances at best. Reaching out is hard for me, I kinda just clicked with a few people I work with. Community college sucks from a social aspect for sure, most everyone at my campus just wants to go there and knock out basic courses as a transitional period.

    Best of luck. Oh, and I'll add you on Live.
  6. in my experiences, it's easier to make close friends when you let them come to you
  7. Join some sort of group. What are your hobbies? Join a sports team, thats an easy way to meet and bond with people :)
  8. Ok thx pm me wen ur on
    Thx 4 advise
  9. Please blades help a brother out ;)
  10. don't be a dick. just be yourself, and people will respect you.
  11. Get a big bag of weed. Friends will follow.
  12. don't make too many friends at work. you end up having to see those fucks everyday...that shit gets old. ask around your campus and see who is havin parties
  13. Okay I'm not that big of a partier cuz I don't have lot of Friends .

    Thx for advise it helps a lot

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