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How to meet a dealer

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by SoulReefer, Oct 4, 2010.

  1. So I am in Ann Arbor and I just applied for a medical card but I need to find someone for the interim 30 days or so. I was wondering what you folks did to meet your first dealer? Any tips, techniques or locations to hang out around? I'm not new to smoking, just had always dealt with the same guy.
  2. Hang around medi shops and hit up people for bud as they go in the medi shops
  3. There is nothing I hate more then finding a new dealer... but it happens, sometimes alot if you move around.:mad: The easiest way is through school or work, descretely asking around to people who give off the smoker image. You can ask friends who smoke but if you don't know anybody and no one at work looks like the type, try hanging around colleges and universities during busy times and looking for students who give off the vibe. Sometimes you'll see groups of them smoking joints right and front and they will likely be able to hook you up or point you in the right directiom for some cheeba:smoke:
  4. Can go to Ypsi and ask first brother that looks like he deals, or go to U of M and look for students loitering. Going to be a rough month till you get your card though, quality is poor and price is high usually
  5. Thanks for the tips! Ill be heading out and try them now!
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    go chill at a skatepark.

    assuming you arent some kook, you'll get a hook.

    or throw on a backpack and go to a local college around noon. you'll look like just as much a student as anybody else. hold a clip board and ask people what they think about legalization, etc... you'll find a hook so fast the minute you find a chill ass stoner. think political activist.

    how do you think i got to know somoene who hangs out with dennis peron, jodie emery, etc?................
  7. Haha I am a student, and I just spent 3 hours asking around town and got nothin. Even the guys that reek of reefer just look at the ground and say no :/ somebody hook me up lol!
  8. Some guy had a great idea. Go to a medical club and just say to someone, "Hey, here is 50 bucks, can you pick me up an 8th of whatever you're getting, please? I am getting my card in a month, but in the interim I have no way to get any medicine."
  9. Most of the best dealers are met through coincidence rather then asking around. I usually get mine from a friend of a friend.

  10. Tried that, the guy looked like I was asking him to chop off a limb or something, said no and ran inside :(
  11. just look for people who look like they smoke weed and ask them if they know where to get some and usually they will say "me".
  12. its ann arbor man.. i get people offering it to me as i walk past them on the street. I would try the diag area first. There is almost always someone hanging out in front of pinball petes, if you can find that place. Look up where 42* (smoke shop) is, and go hang around there. :cool:
  13. Do you have friends at all? Do they have friends? It seems like the easiest way to find people is to just be social and just mention that you're out and haven't found any. It's not a huge deal to casually mention it.
  14. Ask people on the street if they can you hook you up.

    "Be like yo, mind if I purchase some drugs from you today?"
    Or coin such terms as:
    "Yo doodmanbro, mind if I score some marijuana?"

  15. "Excuse me fellow, but would you know where one might procure some mighty power flower? Thank you, my good sir!"
  16. Just dont be sketch lol... Walk up to people and be like, "Hey do you guys know where I can get some tree?"

    HAHA Always works for me.

  17. Just ask around, go to parties, etc. Very easy to find a dealer. Just don't come across as a narc or a square who can't possibly be smoking.
  18. No way, man. You ever get lit with a pocket protector and a tie on? It's the way to go!
  19. Aight thanks for all the tips doods, I will head out again momentarily! And all my friends buy from the same guy, who is unavailable - hence my dilemma qq :(
  20. wait. you all mean to tell me, that none of you here are/or know any bag boys. :confused: good grief. thats weak. i joined so that i might be able to find a new smoking buddy ... preferably one that sell's on the side.

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