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How to measure weed without a scale?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by Stevie P, Jul 31, 2009.

  1. I was wondering how can i measure weed without a scale, any ideas?
  2. a dollar bill
  3. take a ruler and put it like a teeter totter on a pencil, on one end of the ruler put a penny that is 1982 or newer, this penny wieghs aprox. 2.5 grams. Now put the weed on the other end until it balances out and you have 2.5 grams. Won't be exact but you can get a good idea.
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    Hangers are good for scales because they are cheap and come pre-balanced. For this scale, use a hanger that comes from the store, made of soft plastic that you can drill out with the point of utility knife.

    For string, use yarn or any other thick, soft string.

    For clothespins, you need wooden ones with springs, because the handle needs to be notched just a little, so the string can be tied on and not slip.

    1. Cut the loopy thing off the top of the hanger. You can just cut into the thick parts of the plastic a little, and break it off. Then, find the center of the hanger and drill a hole there with the point of the utility knife (or use a drill or the point of scissors). To find the balancing point, gently hold the hanger between your pinched fingers, so it's free to tip to the right or left side. The center will be near where you think it should be.

    2. Drill holes into the left and right arms. Again, they'll be where you think they should be. Try to get out to the ends.

    3. Take a wooden clothespin, and use the knife to put a pair of very small notches into the handle. 1mm to 2mm deep is fine. Then, tie a string onto the handle, so it's in the notches. This will hold the thing you're weighing (or the reference weight). Tie the other end of the string to the hole you just made. Do the same for the other arm, with the second clothespin.

    4. Tie a piece of string to the balance point. Leave slack on both ends. The top end needs a loop, so you can hang it over a doorknob if necessary. The bottom end should be tied to something heavy, like a bolt or some keys. This bottom part of the string creates a perfect vertical line that's your reference. Use a marker to draw the position of the line when there's no weight on the scale.

    5. To use the scale, clip your object to be weighed to one arm, and a "reference weight" to the other arm. A reference weight is a known weight. Here are some known weights:

    CD in jewel case and padded mailer = 4+ ounces = 1.35 cents postage
    5 cent coin = 5 grams
    25 cent coin = 5.670 grams

    You can get more "known weights" by taking objects and weighing them at the post office. You can make weights more "clippable" by tying them up in string or putting them in a CD case.

    Change the known weights until you get the scale to be balanced. The scale is balanced when the reference line and the marked line match up (obviously).

    Tip: You can use Google to convert weights. Type in a search like "80 grams to ounces" and it'll tell you the weight in ounces.

    Tip: If you don't cut the loopy thing off, you can continue to use the scale as a hanger. I just cut it off so it won't interfere so much with the top string.

    Tip: If you need a more accurate scale, drill the balance point lower. This will move the pivot closer to the ends of the arms. Also, you can move the holes at the ends upwards, and cut the ends off... but if you're doing all this, you might as well just get a stiff stick and use that as the balance.

    Oh and one more thing. I totally copied this whole post from some webpage on google about making a homemade scale, and I only pasted it, I never read it. So if it's total shit, fuck my face.

  5. + rep for engineering a home made scale:hello::hello:.... lol I didnt think someone would actually take the time to write a well thought out reply....
  6. Awesome awesome thread, always wondered ways to do this, excited to see other ideas!
    Obviously i dont have a scale, once did then sold it and would prefer to not have one as i have no use for one seriously...
  7. LIDS,back in the day there were lids. You hold the bag up and spread it across the bottom evenly. Then you measure with your fingers. You hold up your fingers across the bag if it was one finger is about a 3 grams. If its two fingers around a quater, Three fingers it about a half. If its 4 fingers its near an ounce. At one time people use to say its 10 a lid or 20 for 2 lids etc. Its not a perfect method but works in a pinch.
  8. ive gotten pretty good at eyeballing wat an 8th or a quater looks like
  9. the site indastreet got that from changed it around a little bit so its easier to follow. I know a lot of noobs are always looking for ways to weigh weed without scales so here you go How to weigh weed without a scale
  10. U can't really because bud has weight, u measure the weight, u can have a gram that yes it looks like a gram but when u scale it it could be 2 grams, it depends on strain and how it's grown,dried properly, without a scale youl get ripped off big time and its just not worth it, dense nugs are even worse, u can have a .2 that weighs a gram, u gotta scale
  11. Triple beam balance

  12. yeah because whoever doesnt have a scale probably has a spare triple beam balance in their basement... smh
  13. You go to amazon.com and search 'kitchen scale', search for your desired small scale, and hit add to check out. Once that's done complete your sale by finishing the required steps and selecting a postal address. Now you have a scale to measure weed.
  14. Retarded threads growing rampant
  15. i could also give you a list of 100s of things and there weight but all weed doesnt way the same so ya

    its either going to make you think you got a good deal or ripped off....
  16. Its hard to tell. I once had some weed where a dub was about the size of a .25
  17. Balance a ruler in the middle whether it be by a fulcrum (something under it in the middle like how a teeter-totter is set up) or hanging it from a string at the six inch mark.

    Put a newer penny (2.5g like somebody else said) on one side, the weed on the other. Move the penny or the weed until the ruler is balanced on both sides (flat). The distance away from the middle (where it's balanced) multiplied by the weight is equal to the same thing on the other side.
    So if your weed is 2 grams and the penny is 2.5 grams, your balance may look like this..

    (weed) (3 inches from middle) = (2.5g penny) (2.4 inches from middle)

    Do some simple algebra and the weed turns out to be 2 grams. :) I'm sorry if I didn't explain it well or it seems confusing...It's actually just simple physics though.
  18. medicine cap ive noticed is about a gram
  19. Why not break down and spend the $10 and just get yourself a kitchen or postal scale?  My son picked up a cheap digital kitchen scale for $10 at the local Rite-Aid drug store. It measures in either ounces or grams, and works just fine for weighing out chopped carrots, or cannabis!

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