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how to measure pot

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by jukeboyz21, Sep 1, 2008.

  1. hi, i've been smoking for a couple of years but mainly have smoked off other friends...(don't worry i payed up....and i did buy weed) but i haven't got the art of measuring weed. I dont really like my drug dealer......but only he has weed for now. how do i know if im getting ripped off...and like a quarter equals 25 bucks for much weed should i get??? and dimes nicks!
  2. damn a quarter for 25 thats a good price

    that should be 7 grams

    i dunno how much dimes and nickles are in your area you gotta post that up
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    Dude, bro, a quarter for 25 bucks???

    That's like the kinda shit you see in the movies man.

    Hook me up with this guy, bro.

    Seriously though, that's a damn good deal. You can get an ounce of the stuff for $100 which is considered "ballin"

    But a quarter is a lot if your smoking by yourself.

    I think I had a post around here somewhere in this forum that has a picture of 6 grams, which is like half a handful. See if you can look that up.

    Oh, you should probably get a scale for that matter, which I have yet to get one myself.
  4. are we talkin schwag here? Cause here in the DFW a dime($10) is 5 grams, dubs(20$) are 9 grams, and i get a half ounce for $20 and wholes ounces for $40. and this is high quality schwag, its not compressed, its what you might call low quality popcorn.

    and the dubs and half oz costing the same,its just differerent sources, like everybodys dubs are at least 8.5 grams, but only one of my connects gives me the $20 half oz hookup.
  5. He is probably talking about mids. I can get a quater for $25-30.
  6. in aussie, quaters of dank are $50 and my dealer weighs his "friends stash" out to 9g a pop and the "other buyers stash" to 7.5
  7. When you say quarter, do you mean quarter ounce? Or does this kid think that if a nickel is $5 and a dime is $10, $25 would be called a quarter? The way you worded it makes me suspect that might be the case, in which case it all depends on quality.
  8. Hold your horses everyone.He is just buying the brick so thats why its so cheap.

    Buy a scale,it is the best investement you will make as a newer smoker.

    A 1/4 wieghs 7 grams.
    A dime is 4 grams since its schwag and a nickel is 2 grams since its schwag.

    25$ is alot for a 1/4 of schwag around were I am at.Try and get it for 20$.You should be able to get a half ounce for 25$ of schwag.
  9. you need to make you own decision on if its worth th emoney or not. but 25 for a quater of mids is a good deal.

    Ounce = 28g
    Half Ounce = 14g
    Quarter = 7g
    Eigth = 3.5g
    Tenth = 1.7
    Nick = about 1g

    It depends on your areas weed prices i know that for middies i dont ever pay over $90 but i have the hook up never pay over 110 an oz of middies.
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    here's what i figure no scale=5$ less since most dealers arnt good at measuring.

    usually the good dealers do 1 big nug(biggest they can find usually) for 5$ .then 1 big nug 1 small nug and 2 tiny 1s for 10$ .then 3 med size nugs for 15 . 3 med size nugs and a nug smaller then other 1s for 20$. i'm around a lot dealers and watch them give people 10 and 20s most time without scale so i know this pretty good. usually 3 med size nugs is like .6 grams to .8. then there's also what if it has seeds in it. if it has seeds the nugs are going weigh more so u will look like u got riped off sometimes. if its fluffy and bairly seeds if any u should get 3 or 4 med size nugs for 20$ depending on dealer but average is 3 med size nugs and 1 lil 1. if u get like 4 tiny nugs for 20$ u got ripped basically. you will get around as munch weed as i told u if u didn't get ripped. by the way by big nug i dont mean like 5 grams i mean like a nug tats pretty big. never buy shredded weed it could be mixed with something that looks like shredded weed and u get skimmed easy.
  11. That doesn't seem like a very good system to determine whether or not you got ripped off, because you're not considering an important fact, density. Some buds are grown with HID lights, and as a result of this they will end up being more dense in comparison to ones grown with LID lights (CFLs).

    You could be looking and feeling all kinds of different cannabis for years and might still not be able to discern the difference if a bunch of the same size nugs of different density were placed before you.

    Basically, if you do not own a scale you should not worry about getting ripped off, because there's nothing you can do which can provide you with concrete evidence (i.e. a plausible reason to be pissed off), you'll never create a more effective cannabis measuring tool. If you're sick about worrying whether or not you got ripped off, do yourself some justice and drop $15.

    You don't have to be constantly paranoid and bring it every time you buy from your dealer, mostly because if you have a sketchy dealer you shouldn't be buying from him in the first place, if you're just simply skeptical the scale will tell you whether or not you'll hit him up the next time.
  12. Or just bring the scale once and measure at the deal. Once your guy knows you have a scale and you're willing to use it, he'll probably measure a bit more carefully.

    And if he doesn't, burn his house down
  13. Wonder what this zombie thread weighs?
  14. Grind it, get it into a fine line, then measure it with a ruler, if it is a foot or more you are good my friend :)
  15. What did you mean by he has only weed for now ?
  16. Where do you reside OP? I can pick up quarters for 20 here near Sac.
  17. Wow, and I usually always notice thread dates, cannot believe I missed that entirely,.

    At least the post I commented on was relevant to this year.

  18. The OP is banned...almost half of the ppl that posted on this thread back in 08 are banned..SMH
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    I just paid $200 for an oz of WW. Is that 2 high? What about $600 for a 1/4 lb. Is that above the going market rate. I do live in dry ass oklahoma though.
    Got me a scale, dugout, 4 pc aluminum grinder and 2 bottles of 280 mg activated charcoal tabs for clearing system. Bought all that on Amazon...except the smokable. Can't wait.
  20. yeah but thats best someone can do without a scale. its usually accurate too if u get the same strain mostly from same person.

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