how to measure k2?

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  1. hey i was wondering how much k2 is in a 15 sack or a 20 sack. i heard it isnt comparable to a 15 -20 sack of weed so i was wondering how many grams/ounces were in a 15-20 sack of k2. if any1 knows anything about this please help! thanks :)
  2. this is not the right topic for this fourm.
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    ^definately in the wrong section!. But to try and answer your question. i believe they sell that k2 stuff in grams and eights. but different brands of it vary from potentcy. all depends on which one you buy. But if i was you i wouldnt waste your money on it. its soo much more expensive than weed and probably isnt too good for your health either.
  4. Use the internet. Specifically the search function and general query sites like google.

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