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How to mask the smell of growing plants?

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by Jpc636, Dec 1, 2013.

  1. Alright, I'm attempting to start up a small grow room in my closet. I know there are better places, but hey, I live in an apartment and need to keep it semi-hidden. I've got a 15x8x10 room to do this in, but I've got no way to get the smell out, or bring fresh air in. I was thinking of a carbon filter, but I've got no vent in my closet to attach it to. Could I get a small grow tent that has a place to attach one to? 
    And on a slightly unrelated topic, I've got a light originally meant for a friend's gecko's cage. Could it be used to grow, and if so, what kind of bulbs should I use for it?
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  2. You need a grow light not a UV heat lamp.
    Apartment are just not the place to grow. more hassle than its worth.
  3. hassle? you want hassle? Try buying pot on the street. That is hassle.
    I'm in the same shape. Moved from a farm with unlimited space, both outdoors and indoors, to an apartment with a perfect little closet in my office. Just perfect for personal consumption, just me, no partners.
    Stealth is a consideration, but nothing that can't be controlled with a check and a Christmas card.
    Smalltime apartment closet growing is very exciting. Especially since everything is new. After you get into the new research, you see how so many myths were just passed down because, "That's the way we always did it."
    I'm just in the planning stage, but I already have a vibrant worm colony, and several outdoor non pot plants. And a few indoor herbs for cooking.
    I would encourage, not discourage any one who wants to explore the challenge of raising pot in an apartment closet.
  4. Get some plug in air fresherners and a mini diy carbon filter . Think I'm overeacting? No I'm not this shit in stinky

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  5. Ah, but the problem with that is there's no vent in my closet- If I said there was earlier, I lied :p But anyway, The nearest window is about 20 feet away from my closet's door. I was thinking that I could get a grow tent (Probably semi-cheap, this isn't a massive 100 pound per harvest operation,) and make a DIY carbon filter- found a pretty good one but have yet to make it- and attach it to the grow tent. When I got the tent, I'd make sure there's actually a place to put it on lol. 
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    carbon filter is the way to go.. air fresheners will just smell like weed and air fresheners.
    and yeah there are plenty of duct holes in grow tents, even filter/fan mounting brackets.
    proper crabon filters for grow tents are pretty cheap.. i wouldn't mess around with DIY, unless you know that it's sealed and the filter and fan CFM are a match.
    smell is the main reason people get busted (especially in an apartment situation), spend the $100 for the peace of mine.
  7. My sister's friend grows in their house, her friend is the one that recommended this DIY filter and says it works great. I may be an amateur but I damn sure can put tab A into slot B :p The main problem for me is getting the actual tent which will take some time. I'd prefer to stay away from the worst tents possible, but if it can eliminate the smell for me, I'd go for it. I'd prefer to make sure I don't get caught than have a good harvest get taken by the cops lol.
  8. Id buy a tent and set it up somewhere. Or you could always buy a cheap door for your closet to cut holes in it. Then when you leave you put the original one back onSpecial KAY
  9. I'm not against grow tents, they really are a good way to go at a low price.  When it comes to security, I wouldn't want it out in the open where guess could see it and grow curious.  I prefer going with something more incognito.  It's normal to have guest in your bedroom.  It's not usually normal for them to start going through your dressers, cabinets, or nightstands.  I went costly when building my grow box.  I want it to last for ages and be centerpiece in my house, sitting comfortably under my reef tank.  Walk in closets are the best though.  That's where grow tents work best.

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