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  1. Is it realistic to mask the smell of a grow room from neighbors? Me and a friend are in an apartment together and want to dedicate an entire room to about 20-30 plants. We have our cards and can seal up the room well from light leaks, but I'm not sure how effectively we could mask the smell of 30 plants with a carbon filter + 8" inch fan blowing back into the house. Seems that many plants would be very to hide the odor... is anyone able to do it successfully?
  2. the carbon filter should work but as well get some ONA it is like an air fresher and will help to cover the residual smells.

    it comes in a gel or a puck.

    my friend always said never cheap out when it comes to the covering up the smell that is how most people get caught.

  3. I agree with tbirdgreen... My first grow with 2 plants stunk to the high heavens.. Had me so paranoid that i almost quit my first grow..

    However i finished the first but went out and purchased a good cage fan and carbon filter.. WOW.. What a difference..
  4. order a carbon filter it purifies any impurities aka the smell of ganja.
  5. Like others said above OnaGel works well, It comes in different sizes and now even "pro strength", but you could either build your own carbon scrubber or buy one.

    IMo if you're "really" worried about smell, it might be worth it for you and your friend to buy 2-3 grow tents(or home made DIY cabinet) and set them up individually with carbon scrubbers on the outtake which will give you a much better handle on aroma over growing in an open room.

    now this is a diy carbon scrubber for a small rig, but search and you'll see large sized home made setups as well.
  6. Hey, man! I was thinking about something the other day.

    I don't use carbon filters and my plant is constantly under ventilation. Since it's only one plant, it doesn't produces that much smell, and the little produced is dispersed in the air quickly.

    Although, you can still smell it's pretty nice aroma inside my bedroom. So It occured to me to test something my grandmother told me once that would mask smells out of stuff... let me explain.

    Once I travelled and the energy company cut the light 'cause they didn't process the payment correctly, and my fridge had meat and all kinds of stuff inside. When I got back, there were like gazillions of fungi everywhere. I sued the EC, offcourse, and won a restitution of the goods plus some money. Ok, but the thing is that instead of buying a new fridge right away, the court ordered me to have it higienized and the EC would pay for the costs. A'ight... I did what should be done. The fridge was clean and all, never developed fungus again. But the stench of rotten meat would simply not fade away, no matter what. It was "attached" to the plastics, somehow, I guess. I sued again, and got a new fridge. But while I waited for the legal process to take its course, I had to deal with the faint, yet annoying, smell of rotten meat. My granny told me to put a cup with grinded black coffee inside the fridge. Amazingly, in 1 week the meat smell had all but disappeared!

    I tried this with my plant. It works somewhat nicely. But your room will smell a bit of coffee. Since I like coffee, it's ok. :D


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