how to manipulate an auto.....

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by jason1901, May 14, 2010.

  1. Is there a sure way to manipulate a large yielding tall auto, to grow short for stealth and keep decent yeilds ? is it as simple as just growing the flower in a small container ?


  2. Scrogging and LST/Fimming is what you want. See the sticky threads in the "Advanced Growing" section :)
  3. I know about LST, but can you lst a tall auto with large yields, to grow short with almost large yields. ex./ roughly, what would a tall auto that produces 400grms = to when the same plant was LST and grown in a small pot =?

    does the pot size have much to do with keeping a tall plant short ?
  4. Don't think in terms of hight for yield, think in terms of cubic meters (plant volume).

    Look in the Big Book of Buds, or other strain compendium and find the average yield of your strain (if you don't know the strain then there is not a lot you can learn). This is usually given in either # of grams per plant or # of grams per cubic meter. When the yield is given in cubic meters you can do the math and figure out what yield a plant of X cubic meters will produce. When the measurement in per plant, you will need to find out the average size of the strain at the end of flowering and convert it into a cubic meters expression before you plug and chug.

    Then just run the numbers for the maximum size you plan to let the plant grow to and that will get you the expected yield. Mind you due to the fact that this is an organic process, and individual genetics can express themselves very differently, you will only get a rough estimate at best.

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