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How to make your weed last

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by TECH N9NE, Oct 24, 2010.

  1. Hey people, i know there must be tons of these out here but whats the point of having a forum if theres nothing to talk about :p...

    anyway i usually get around 10 grams for 65 euros and it lasts me for abou 7 days max because i only have class twice a week.... my question is what are some tips n tricks on how i can not smoke so much weed... cuz i dont wanna spent 65 euros every week just for weed... okay thanks :D
  2. get a nice vaporizer to conserve
    hit up some gravity/waterfall bongs
    t break can do wonders to the tolerance levels
    work out and stay active
  3. Just smoke once a day.

    Using a grav bong.

    Saved my shit for 2 weeks that way with a gram.. smoking every night. Blitzed out of my ass with 1~2 bowls.
  4. i use this:

  5. What is that? :confused:
  6. Smoke FAT ass blunts bro.
  7. The launch box.

    Everyone that wants an inexpensive portable vape needs to get this.
  8. Grave bong
    Smoke less weed
  9. Hmmmmm grow your own. ;)
  10. make firecrackers?
  11. Wow I can't believe nobody has mentioned (if available) take 1 hittys out of a bong, gravity bong, bubbler. Even a pipe. Just load a nice size 1 hit. With 14mm bowls I usually fill it half up, and 18mm 1/4 of the bowl.

    Smoke a packed bowl and then with the same amount you used with a packed bowl, smoke in 1 hits. I bet you get more hits than the packed bowl. Good way to conserve :smoke:

    Don't smoke blunts unless you're smoking a 1/4 of it a sesh. Blunts use quite a bit of weed.

    Joints; roll pinners. I usually roll 5 or 6 with 1 g. Smoking 1 to your face will get you satisfied.

  12. they dont work on me :/

  13. Joints shouldn't be in the same sentence as conserving weed
  14. When you're smoking, REALLY smoke. Don't let any go in the air. Just constantly puff lol.

    Invest in a vaporizer.
  15. Use a small one hitter or a vape and it'll last a lot longer.
  16. Use a magic flight launch box and your stash will last at least three times longer.
  17. One hitters are great. Although the smoke is very harsh.

  18. I've found the mflb to exactly double your stash :hello:
  19. I second the MFLB. Good vape for those who don't want to be tied down to a machine.

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