How to make your plants more bushy?

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  1. Well my plants are getting to the point that im gonna start feeding them nutes, so once they get some more foliage id like to do whatever technique it is to make the plants more bushy. This has to do with fim'ing i think and all that stuff.

    So pretty much the name of the tech and how to go about it.
  2. so what is it ?? are you gonna FIM or LST or SCROG or JOG?
    then YOU should do the resaerch necessary :devious:
  3. well i was asking for a good one, but i read up and its gonna be SCROG
  4. we can all appreciate a good SCROGin':p
    good luck.....happy growing
  5. yeah but only if shes tied down before you SCROG her :eek: id LST&SCROG:wave:
  6. LST< LST< LST

    then SCRoG
  7. If you've got a lot of light they become quite bushy on their own.

    But if you want *more* and have some more time, you can pinch off where the new growth is at a node, and that will cause that main stem to split into two stems.
  8. if you've got alot of time LST...LST keep her tied through the whole grow with an even canopy ..... i've got a bush with over 100 tops and is 3' in diameter add only stands 28" tall....... you can get mad weight if you wait..

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  9. dont know why link wont work,it works everwere else? and i checked it....anyway the thread in in the advance section super croping and cloning at .......;)

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