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How to make your own tincture from shatter?

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Pinpan, Sep 28, 2019.

  1. Hi new to the forum, sorry for any mistakes or rule breaking.

    Bought some concentrate, can't remember if it is crumble or shatter, not sure if that matters.
    I want to turn it into a tincture. Ive made tincture with flower before, but not sure how to decarb the shatter? Then do I just mix the melted version with everclear?

    The tincture I made with flower, the process took forever and was super involved, is there a good machine to use to make it? Heard the Magical Butter Botanical Extractor was good, thoughts?

    Thanks so much!
  2. I often make FECO (evaporated tincture) then dilute with oil, because oil tincture is easier on the tongue, and can be put into capsules without melting them.
    So you can use either alcohol or any oil to make tincture.
    Here's a recipe for 5 g concentrate that will produce an oil tincture of about 2 mg thc per drop in a 1 oz tincture bottle:
    1. Decarb @ 240 F for 40 min using a verifying thermometer.
    2. Add 18 g oil and 5 g lecithin.
    3. Bake mixture @ 220 F for 20-60 min. 60 min is slightly sleepier than 20 min.
    4 Put into a tincture dropper bottle.

    If the concentrate were 40% thc, then
    THC = 0.4*5000 mg = 2000 mg
    Concentration = (2000 mg thc)/(30 mL) = 67 mg thc/mL.
    1 drop ~ 67 mg thc/30 = 2.2 mg thc
    If potency is 80% then double the above result.

    If you prefer an alcohol tincture, follow step 1, then add enough alcohol to fill a tincture bottle.

    I own 2 Magical Butter Machines, and 1 Infusium420 to make tinctures and oils.
    Infusium is my preference.

    Also the Ardent Nova/Lift makes decarb very easy, but it is expensive.
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