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How to make your own marijuana strain

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Smotpoking, May 11, 2011.

  1. 1. Think of a food you like, preferably a fruit. 2. Add kush to the name of that food and bam you have yourself your own marijuana strain (key lime kush, mango kush).
  2. #2 S0UR, May 11, 2011
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    1. WTF!?
    2. Ok???

  3. God i seriously hope ur kidding op
  4. This is how people started naming there buds because of people like op :laughing:
  5. Of course im kidding.... Really though doesn't it seem like there's a lot of strains like that, the word kush is probably the greatest marketing technique in the world of marijuana.
  6. Thank god man lol

  7. Kush, Chronic, Haze, Og Those are the most seen addition to weed names Ive ever heard
  8. Not really...
    Kushes are always indica dominant.
    And if it isn't related to any kush, then it isn't kush
  9. How bout that dro?

  10. Its so hard to find dealers who know their shit where I am in Canada. *smh*

    Guess I'm gonna have to find more reliable growers or learn to grow my own somehow..

  11. Who says Kushs are indica dom?

    And who says any bud isnt related to kush somehow or another?

    Grand Daddy Purple Diesel Kush nikka
  12. Growers understand, kush is a landrace. Silly games people play that make people think they can label it whatever when threes much gene science behind it and many breeders own rights to their crosses.

    Just cause it has a fancy name won't make it anymore fancy, when u smoke it and it does not fit description do you really think anyone thinks that name is real?

    I've grown many genes and smoked more strains than I can count which all came from growers direct so no stupid name games. Point is the real kush landraces rock and so do so many historical landraces out there. Intill more organic and properly grown is to the public and people know the difference, people will always fuck people over for that extra buck.

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