How to make your high last?

Discussion in 'General' started by JackLeBeau, Aug 26, 2007.

  1. anyone? :D or atleast a way not to ruin your high.
  2. dont chop off your pinky finger
  3. Don't eat any food - In my experience eating sobers you up

    If you really want to stay 'stoned' go bake some fire crackers or some brownies and you will be gone all day. HONESTLY. :)
  4. Don't drink anything with caffein or sugar. Also, if you're going to eat something, make sure it's pretty healthy. Try for whole grains and complex carbs (they digest slower and don't release lots of sugar into your bloodstream).
  5. Smoke some good headies, you'll be high for hours. Don't go around any law enforcement, that is definitely a buzz kill.
  6. :eek: that would be torture for me, food is a must when stoned
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  7. Just chill out and don't worry where your next pinch of weed is coming from. Being content is the best way to stretch the good vibes out, by far.

  8. For real, food tastes like 10X better when you're stoned.

    Btw, Ondrugz, you're sig fucking cracks me the hell up!
  9. sit on petes couch for 11 hours not moving
  10. "and you know what happened on pete's couch?"
  11. Sugar will kill your high big enforcement is a buzzkill..

    dealing with irate elderly neighbors is also a big buzzkill lol...
  12. Grind up your weed with a grinder, put a screen in your bong bowl piece, suck the whole bowl down in one rip, and try to hold it, but even if you hold it for like 2 seconds you're going to get annihilated

    :smoking: Time for me to smoke a bowl.
  13. sugar is a nono? thanks for the tip so far guys, appreciate it!

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