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How to make the smell and taste better!?!?

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by fissefish, Nov 21, 2009.

  1. Hi:smoking:

    Im wodering if anybody have some advice to make the smell and taste better..
    If there are any tricks or music you could play for them:p please give me some advice.:rolleyes: Im growing lowryders with a 200w bulp. please respond :cool:
  2. Well dried and cured correctly. Genetics will do the rest.;)
  3. Flush your plants with distilled water and molasses (1 tbso/gallon) in the last few weeks of flowering
  4. I'm curious about something.....for some reason I just thought about the cigar company "acid". They make some decent cigars (especially for semi-flavored ones) and i believe I read that they do something to them during the drying or the curing phase (they dont treat the tobacco or anything, they just put stuff in the same room that its drying in or something like that)....hummm I might have to look into this (but on a side note, I would hate to ruin a batch at the very end of this whole growing process)
  5. Use molassas or a bottled sweetener (Nectar from GH, Sweet Leaf from Advanced Nutes, Honey from Humboldt) throughout your entire grow cycle. During veg it helps prevent Nitrogen shock and during the flowering cycle plants send most of their carbs to help stimulate bud growth leaving your soil microbs lacking so feeding them increases the amount of sugar buds receive also. I recommend not using it during flush and just using purified water. Everyone does it different though.

  6. Great Advice Guys!! Listen to these 2 they know what they are talking. :hello:

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