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How to make the best brownies

Discussion in 'Incredible, Edible Herb' started by stealthgrower, Apr 25, 2012.

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    this is a guide that will take you through step by step making the most potent brownies you'll ever try.
    first thing's you'll need.

    • an 8x8 baking pan
    • brownie mix
    • weed
    • tin foil
    • lipid (butter, coconut oil, etc...)
    • eggs
    • a smaller pot and a larger pot
    • mixing bowl
    • optional- lecithin
    • optional-cheese cloth
    let's start with the weed, different qualities and different tolerances will effect exactly how much you need, but approximately .5 grams per brownie should be a strong dose, depending on your tolerance and the quality of the weed you may need to adjust that figure up or down slightly.

    once you've determined the amount of weed you will need grind it all up as finely as you can, if you have a coffee grinder or food processor a few minute in there will work perfectly. once it is ground up spread the weed in the pan that you'll be baking the brownies in, and cover it well with tinfoil.

    heat your oven to 210-220 degrees, then stick the covered and ground up weed into the oven, for about 20 minutes. when it is done, turn off the oven and open the oven door 1/4 of the way and let the pan cool off until you can handle it with your hands. this will allow any vapor that may have been released to settle back into the bud and the sides of the pan walls. if you feel like you can now get a finer consistency that the weed is dryer and more willing to crumble then grind again at this point.

    the point of doing this is to decarboxilate the weed, making it MUCH more potent than if this step was not included.

    now fill the larger pot up with water approximately 2/3 of the way. then fill the smaller pot with the appropriate amount of butter, or oil for your recipe. you'll probably want to use a little bit more than what the recipe on the box calls for. for example if you need a 1/3 of a cup of oil, use 1/2.

    bring the larger pot full of water to a low boil. add the weed to the oil, and place the smaller pot inside of the larger one, so that it is floating in the boiling water. now you wait. stir the oil and weed occasionally, and add water to the larger pot whenever necessary. because the pot with the weed in it is over boiling water, the weed and oil cannot exceed 212F, so you don't have to worry about it burning. let the butter cook with the weed for at least until all the weed is saturated and has sunk to the bottom of the pot. however the longer the better and i would cook for a minimum of 2 hours.

    now you have a choice. you can strain your plant matter out of your oil with the cheese cloth,
    or you can leave it in. i prefer to leave it in, that way you know you are not loosing any potency and i actually enjoy the taste. if you do choose to strain it, then just stretch the cheese cloth over your mixing bowl and slowly pour the oil onto the cheese cloth. gather the plant material into a ball in the cheese cloth and squeeze out any remaining oil.

    now mix all the ingredients together in the mixing bowl. this is also where you would add lecithin if desired, just sprinkle the bowl with lecithin granules. if you used extra oil, you may need to use slightly less water.
    once all the ingredients are mixed, place the mixture into the brownie pan and bake.
    you now have potent and delicious brownies.
    when i make brownies with .5 per brownie they are VERY strong and will have you VERY high for most of the day. they are strong enough to split into two smaller and shorter doses as well.

    the lecithin aids your body in absorbing the THC. the decarboxilation changes THC from its inactive state to it's active state. simmering the weed in the oil causes the THC to bind to the lipid, and our bodies absorb lipids more easily, which allows the THC to be absorbed more easily.
    if using ABV use 3 or 4 times as much as you would fresh. if it is very dark, go for 4 times as much, if it's lighter 3 times as much may be sufficient.

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