how to make the best bong you'll ever smoke!!!

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  1. ok, well, as some of you know, during the last few days, i haven't had my bong or bowl, due to them being confiscated. but, i have quickly and easily replaced my bong. i've developed the best bong i've ever smoked out of, and all the supplies didn't cost me a godamn thing. allright, i will guide you through the steps and procedures to make this bong.

    -what you will need-
    -plastic bottle(any size)
    -1 meter of garden hose, or any rubber/plastic tube
    -one of those white masks that people where over their faces when spray painting, the things that are kinda like a coffee filter that you where on you're face
    -something sharp(scissors, razor, knife, sword, axe, spear, etc.)

    ok before we get started, the final result of this bong should be similar to a gas mask from like a dentist's office or something. sure the thing can't even touch the beauty of a nice glass bong, but those motherfuckers are spendy, and this bong isn't, and in my opinion, this bong is far superior to any 200 dollar bong. now, i have no idea hom much these supplies would cost you, seeing as i stole mine from my habitat for humanity station this morning. so if you have no cash, just find an ungaurded construction site.

    Step 1-
    take the filter mask thing, and cover both sides with duct tape so that you get little to none oxygen when you inhale. (note-this is probably the hardest longest most time consuming part of the whole ordeal)
    Step 2-
    cut a hole that the hose will fit into, but don't cut a hole too big, you should have to force it in there, the hole should be in the middle of the mask, right in front of you're mouth, don't have the hose stick too far out into the mask so it'll be comfortable, then, duct tape the hose to the mask. now you should have the gas mask deal going.
    Step 3-
    with the bottle you have cut a hole like the one in the mask in the top of the bottle, not the upper half of the bottle but the actual top, or cap if you will, slide the hose in how ever far you wish, i recommend having a couple inches in the bottle just for support. duct tape once again. make sure you can remove the cap though.
    Step 4-
    cut another hole for the hose in the bottle, do this in th middle of the bottle. (IMPORTANT-make sure that you put the hole on the opposite side of where you will be while wearing the mask) but the hose in, for this part you don't need much of the hose, duct tape.
    Step 5-
    take some tin foil, put it on the end of the hose sticking out of the bottle, form the tinfoil into a bowl for putting the weed in. take a safety pin and poke a bunch of little holes in it. (note-tin foil is probably the best substitute for screens)
    Step 6-
    FINAL STEP, place weed in bowl, strap mask around your head, light, take as many deep breaths as you want.
    P.S. use water with this bong, DUH! and a choke is not mandatory, allthough i prefer one, i assume i don't have to teach you how to put a hole in a bottle.
    enjoy, and give me some feedback yo!
  2. why did you make the same post twice?
  3. SomeoneHigh

    I gotta laugh Hystrericaly imagining that contraption strapped to your face ....... huffin and puffin like a steam
    engine. Thanks for picture.

    Paul J Jamtgaard
  4. hehehhe, great idea man! i got a question though, as you exhale, does it buck the rest of the smoke out of the bong chamber? or do u just like lift the mask off a little bit?

    check out my home made bong.
  5. fucking awsome APART from the tin foil *evil glare* .. just buy a bongless bowl or find some METAL substitute .. because foil is fucking EVIL
  6. no, those masks have lil valves on the inside so that you don't exhale back through the filters.
  7. Alright I thought I should let you know why this is a pretty bad idea.
    Back when the government was testing marijuana (on monkeys) they used gas masks and pumped pure marijuana smoke into the masks depriving them of oxygen and due to the lack of oxygen and the consumption of only chemicals from marijuana and the toxic gases which come from combustion, within 90 days the monkeys brains had shut off. This is also why right after a hit you take a bunch of deep breathes because you just had toxic gases in your lungs, that's why I usually use a vaporizer.
    So if you care enough I'd suggest not using this method.

    But I seriously mean no offense to the person who wrote this I just wanted to send out a warning.
  8. [ame=]YouTube - Bong Vodka Bong[/ame]

    best bong i've ever made

  9. im not arguing with ur warning cuz its a good idea to get that out there. but the government put the mask on for 5 minutes. how many people do u know that can go withoug oxygen for 5 minutes. that mainly why the monkeys brains shud off because after 3 minutes without oxygen you start to loose brain cells permaanatly
  10. im so confusedd...... lmao why not just make a water bong... simple soda jug, socket and electrical tape lol just add water::::::::
  11. Lmao this thread has quite the shelf life:

    Made in '02
    Bumped in '04
    Bumped in '08
    Bumped in '09
    Bumped again in '09!

    and only 10 replies!
  12. Make that 11.
    Here's my contribution to the best home made bong thread... 8 feet, under $20, 10 min to make, you can't go wrong....this thing is a monster, and so easy to make, you can just whip one up from parts at Lowes and see how it stacks up ;)

    we posted the instructions and details (with pictures and part descriptions) up online here: How to make an 8 foot bong for $20.
  13. seems pretty decent, now off to get a mask and tube so i can try it, will post results
  14. tinfoil sucks mayne use a socket. and really this is just a REALLY hood gasmask bong. +rep tho for bein a macguyver toker
  15. tinfoil is OK as long as you burn at lower temperatures and don't the whole thing all the time
  16. Can someone show me a link where I can post my homemade? I'm making an AWESOME double chambered with a perc that I want to show other people how to make!:smoking:
  17. :smoking:
    alrightt, but will this bong make me higher then a normal one? If it'll mess me up better, Ill try it!
  18. guys...this thread is from motherfucking 2002
  19. i want it
  20. never use tinfoil i only smoke outta glas and my first metal pipe(nostalgic reasons)

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