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How to make THC ejuice.

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Gilly242, Jan 24, 2014.

  1. I have been looking for a recipe on how to make a THC liquid that can be filled in a vape style tank. All the recipes I come across seem incomplete.
    Any help will do.
  2. Glycerin or glycol thc extraction
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    Make a Green Dragon very strong with 190 Everclear. Take 3 grams of Hash or 1 gram of winterized BHO add it to an oz of 50/50 PG VG in a mason jar. Draw a ring around the jar with a sharpie to show the level pre dragon. Then add 3 ozs of properly made dragon into the 1 oz PG/VG Tinc. Infuse the dragon on a coffee cup warmer low and slow. With proper ventilation and away from flame of any kind. When the infusion is done it will be at the level of the line you placed on the jar. Now let it sit for a month or so. If you used hash heat and strain well. Multiply this per oz of VG/PG to make larger batches.

    You can also use 3G of BHO winterized with everclear to 1 oz total 50/50 VG/PG. Don't evaporate the winterized BHO solution until you mix it with VG/PG then on the warmer as explained above. Let sit for a month. If you don't winterize it won't mix. Good luck and happy Vaping. Should look like this when your done.

    Thin it with a little Dragon and distilled water in a dropper bottle maybe 5 drops of each per 2 ml cart. You want it viscous not to thick. I have tried other mixes this works. This is one of the more time consuming multiple stage efforts. But worth it when it is done. I know I did not explain the dragon steps check out Psams, Wu's, and BKS all here in these pages. I will try to put together a tutorial complete with pics in the next month or so. With a little research and the above guide you should be good to go.
  4. Any other methods that are less time consuming. 30 days is too long to wait for me :) I've heard of mixing warmed bho with propylen glycol and mixing but never got a conformation that it was good or ratio of PG to bho. Still looking for helpSent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  5. Don't this without further research... But what would happen if you simmered ground up weed in Veggi oil then mix with pg?Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  6. From what I've read it won't mix correctly like that. You'd have to mix vg/pg before your cannabis. Idk. I can never find a tried and true method with step by step instructions. Other than a month long process. So far this is the only partial recipe I can find. Take X amount of Bho and warm it double boil style except no boiling about 180F until the Bho is liquid then mix in X amount of PG and mix together for a few minutes. Draw up with a syringe inject into vape tank. Now I need to know the X amount parts. Last thing I want to do is screw off a few g's of Bho. Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  7. I heard putting keef inside ur e-juice works :? Never tried it myself
  8. Lipid pnomonia
  9. The above tutorial works fine it only gets better if you age no quick fixes. If you want to smoke out of your ecig right away it is easy get this.


    If you want ejuice use the above instructions. My family owns a smoke shop. I got this down. Good luck. I'm out.
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  10. If you can find PG mix it with some wax with some heat a quick stir and it should pour right in to your tank. I would recommend using one of the dab jars that are food grade silicone. I use the TAO by OM jars. What your going to do exactly is take your wax put it at the bottome of the container then take a very small amount of PG and put on top of the wax. Obliviously the less PG you use the more potent your tank will be. I would recommend just using enough to make a somewhat liquidity consistency. after that you are going to want to take a heat gun $10 from home depot or a torch and slightly heat up from a distance without burning the material. At the same time you are going to also want to mix with a dabbing tool. Then simply/ carefully pour into the ce4 tank. do not use a ce5 tank it wont work good. YOu can find some of the PG mix at its good quality stuff. 
  12. [quote name="NoHorse" post="19436078" timestamp="1391107352"]YOU CANNOT VAPE ANY FOOD GRADE OILS PLEASE DO NOT ATTEMPT TO!!!!!!!!!!!!![/quote]UglyBoySwAg
  13. [quote name="Gilly242" post="19436173" timestamp="1391108455"]UglyBoySwAg[/quote] I took Proplyn Glycol mixed with liquified bho and filled my tank no prob. Only probs I've come across is not using enough pg and the mixture being too thick to properly run the tank. 2:1 pg/bho is a good ratio as far as potency and viscosity. UglyBoySwAg

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