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How to make sure temporary hookup girl doesn't think she is permanent hookup girl?

Discussion in 'General' started by emdyeks, Dec 8, 2007.

  1. I am hooking up w/ a girl right now, and since I am a shallow prick, this is only temporary because I'm really not attracted to this girl, and this is more of a "it's either her or nothing" kind of deal right now. But we hookup almost every night. If I find a girl that I am attracted to next semester, I am definately going to switch it up, but I don't know how this girl is feeling, like if she is in the same situation as me. How do I handle this so things don't explode if/when I go from hooking up with her almost every night, to not hooking up w/ her at all?
  2. Hey, Im new. Nice to meet you.

    How long have you already been 'hooking up' with her?
  3. Dont be a asshole *****.

    If its that kinda deal let her know your not serious, Even if it ends right then and there.

    Fer real.
  4. Depending on how long it has been going on... it could already be too late. From a womans point of view.
  5. have some respect for yourself if you don't feel attachted/attracted to her it shouldn't be too hard to break up with her unless she thinks your HER "man" then you might have to "break" her heart if you truly feel this way. You should do what you feel is right.
  6. well the deal is, right when we started hooking up, she asked if I minded if we just kept it "casual" and I said that is fine. So does that mean I am off the hook basically?
  7. Id say your in the clear. Unless you are such a good catch she gets hooked. But there would be signs of that.
  8. Charge her for having sex witchu. 50-100 each time at least
  9. theres always going to be a hook with any girl you hookup with

    but once again

    how long have you been hooking up with her

    thats the most important fact
  10. Most times, yes. But there are those few that just want to hook up themselves.
  11. As JR said, you manslut!


  12. Charge her for having sex witchu. 50-100 each time at least
  13. I wouldnt say off the hook.

    When you have sexual relations with a woman multible times more then likley theres atleast some lingering feelings there and she hopes you feel the same, Not jus using her for your own pleasure.

    IMO be a man and tell her how you feel and where you see the relashionship goin.

    Gotta have upmost respect for tha females homie.
  14. Honesty is the best policy.

    "I have something to tell you and I hope you don't get upset... I'm not ready/I don't want a relationship now. I think you are a cool gal and all but... blah blah blah..."

    Alright, maybe not so honest.

  15. Chea. Just be like "Bitch, you aint nobody".

    But not really. Tell her the shit aint serious though.
  16. well i mean either way the day i find a girl that is more attractive, im either gonna break it off or have them both going at the same time, that's a guaruntee. I would just rather do it in a way that will not make the girl hate me.
  17. Well youre a guy, you automatically lose.
  18. If you have an XM radio or access to one i"d highly recomend you listen to Patrice Oneal on 202 tomorrow night he's funny as hell and will give you GREAT advice about what to do with this dame :smoking:
  19. BTW I've been hooking up w/ her for about 2.5 weeks so far? But almost every night since then. I don't date her, take her out, etc etc. Our relationship is she comes over, we have sex, and most of the time she goes back to her place after.
  20. maybe you should act it not really say it. i mean you seem to be a guy about what he wants to do at the time so just go and do shit and if she asks if you wanna go someplace or do whatever some night and you either have plans or you just dont feel like dealing with her that night then just be like yeah im a little busy that night maybe some other time.

    she wont get the hint i promise. you are really mind fucking her. you are putting this subconscious thought that things are still cool its just you wanna do your own thing right this second and we can hook up later.

    so you arent really saying it you are just doing it. but then dont go out of your way all the time to go find her. cuz then she might think you want to get a little more serious.

    but since she said at first she wants to be casual about things then talk to her again and be like look i like you and everything its just this is really what we want from each other right? nothing else we need to give to one another cuz im very cool with this, we dont need to go further with things i could live with this.


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