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How to make sure I get the "right" roommate?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by samslam696, May 4, 2011.

  1. Hi GC I am currently applying for college housing, and I have to write a description of myself. I'm just wondering if I can subtly put in a reference to the herb in my description. Something like "I love girls named Mary Jane" but way less obvious. Any ideas? I want a fellow ent!
  2. Are you signing up through the Housing Website?

    Chances are you will have a lot of fellow stoners in your housing area. Maybe not your roommate.. but there will be enough people. Just get yourself a Bob Marley flag or shirt on the first day :smoke:
  3. Don't tell them you kill people...For some odd reason people seem to flip out about it...
  4. Yeah I am going through the website. Good call on the stoner tshirt though, thanks
  5. Make a joke about "bring your own rolling paper"
  6. Lol tried this my freshman year and I ended up with 3 douchebags....worst year of my life
  7. If you're going through the website they probably wouldn't prefer you to put 'Maryjane.' It is illegal afterall.. I'd advise you to just figure it out when you get there.

  8. Thanks guys, good call. Don't want to draw undue attention or get DB roommates
  9. You could say you like reggae music?
  10. Put a description of yourself and at the end put "Oh yea All day ERRDAY!!!":bongin:
  11. they'll ask on the preference sheet if you are a smoker or non-smoker. good luck with it, i dormed with my best friend. i didn't want any part of that roomy roulette.
  12. Just put you smoke cigs, are into hardcore electronic music, like nature and video games and like all you can eat buffets. That would equal mad weed
  13. Most college students smoke, have smoked, or will smoke weed at some point. Just try for responsible sounding roommates, who are going to school to learn. When they are there to party, they can be trouble.

    Having found responsible roommates, encourage them to try it, and show them that it doesn't effect your ability to study, get good grades, etc. Then you have roommates who will get high with you, but also will help you with homework/won't keep you up with their loud and excessive partying!
  14. Say you're a deadhead who always celebrates hitler's birthday
  15. Just say you smoke cigs. That'll put off the pussy's and will ensure that only someone who'll at least tolerate smoking will move in.
  16. "I blaze every day, if you dont like it then dont move in"

  17. Also this is wrong, I hate cigs but I smoke weed. So.....
  18. So? I don't like cigs either. The point is most people who smoke tobacco, especially college students, smoke marijuana as well.

  19. word. everyone i know who smokes cigs almost always smokes weed too
  20. What the heck logic is this? I know tons of people who smoke cigs and REFUSE to smoke with Jane and Mary.

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