How to make some real good hash with kief?

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  1. I have .8 of some awesome kief :D What's a good way to make some hash?

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    I found a video on youtube and tried it. I wrapped the kief in a lil package in wax paper, then rolled that in newspaper, then dip the newspaper in water quickly, and iron it on the lowest setting for 3 minutes. Do both sides and make sure you press.
    Worked well for me, as you can tell :smoke:
  3. Whats up man Ive made hash out of keif in a few different ways in the past.  Here's some relatively easy, and cheap ways;
    1.ISO (quick wash ISO-propyl alcohol method)
    >put your keif in a jar, just barely cover said keif with ISO, shake that shit for along time (3-5 mins), pour into unbleached coffee filter, squeeze filter onto Pyrex, wait for dry, scrape with razor and enjoy.
    2. Keif puck (pollen press)
    >go to the head shop, buy a pollen press, use said pollen press.
    Also quick thought you only have .8 grams could always hang onto it and get a bunch, cause hash making is kind of an involved process for such little return. Also not saying it wont work but if you do the Iron thing try not to use wax paper as some of those chemicals leech into your end product, instead try to find Parchment paper (should be in the same isle).
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    wax paper??? are you retarded, mentally challenged, just stupid..or mistaken on what type of paper that was?
    heat wax paper and its contents and WAX will leech into the will be smoking WAX and that's not good for your lungs...
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    kief is just hash that needs compressed and heated so it sticks together...only to be broken up later to a powder again (kief) and smoked/vaped
    just save it or put it in a bowl as is
    Holy shit son calm down. I used parchment paper but I think it's all the same... You don't directly heat the paper, but you use it because the weed won't stick to it. The wax paper and the weed doesn't get warm at all, this is really just a way to press the kief.
    Here's the video if you want to cry about it to the uploader, but I don't wanna hear it.

  7. I ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1389837777.903489.jpg Got this gram of dro for ten! Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
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    I am calm...your post would give some ignorant kid the idea that wax paper was safe to use and harm themselves or others...and I did ask if you were mistaken on that type of paper...
    oh..and WAX paper is NOT the same as parchment paper...wax paper uses ///go on...guess what.....ok, it uses WAX...
    hope this factoid helps. :bongin:
    The video I posted uses wax paper, and none of the comments or anything says something against it.
    True, but that doesn't mean anything though. 

    I don't know how safe this guy's method is in the video, but I wouldn't heat wax paper in any manner at all, it just doesn't make sense to risk it when one could just use parchment paper. 
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  11. Hi everyone, looong time GC patron, but first time forum member and my very first post Ever!! (Wooo! Feeling Goood! :) )

    (Ok... I know someone is doing the L to the face! LOL )

    Right... so i'v just moved, and i want to become self sufficient....

    Had a few seeds laying around, they are about big enough to go outside now.... Where they will be left to it with an occasional check in on them.

    Well i was thinking in advance, if they do well or not so well on harvest. Wanted to try making hash ( I'm partial to hash but haven't been able to get it for years!)

    As i understand i can make it from the rest of the plant leaves etc, right? ( waste not want not)

    I Could use some good easy to follow advice or instructions on how i make it from plant to black squidgy goodness?

    I have probably missed a more relative post if anyone could direct me to it?

    Sorry for the really bad punctuation and lack of formatting i'm on the ipad.... I'd normally use a real keyboard to write something like this! Lol
  12. I used this technique a few times.
    1. Get a hard type of plastic (like on a new pack of cigarettes)
    2. Put the keif inside and fold it as compact as possible)
    3. Wrap a piece of a newspaper around it. Bind the package with tape and wrap another newspaper around it.
    4. Put the package under hot water till you see that the package is soaked. (the water won't touch the keif. Its meant for not burning the package)
    5. Put the whole package in the oven at 170 degree celcius for 10 - 15 minutes.
    6. Take it out of the oven and put it in the freezer for 30 minutes.
    7. Unwrap the package and enjoy!
    Toke on :smoke:

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  13. You're funny. You breath wax when you're burning a candle. You also eat wax in chocolate and other foods.... So I don't think wax will hurt you anymore then it will doing these things. You jerk!
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    Not as funny (or as jerky) as making an account just to argue in favor of smoking hash cut with wax. You use parchment paper. Wax paper has, drumroll here, you guessed it, a wax coating that will absolutely flake out if you try to press kief with it, especially with heat. Want to apply some common sense here? Grab a piece of wax paper. Fold it a couple of times and look at the creases, do the same with parchment. One is good and one is just not.
    Just to make it nice and clear here so everybody can see:
    Also .8 (of a gram, I assume) is not near a worthwhile amount to go to the trouble of pressing. Just smoke it as is.
  15. I did not start the account to argue about this topic Mr smart guy. I was skimming and scanning when I came upon this topic and it pissed me offer that "cball" was such a dueche about the whole thing. It's wax it won't kill you any faster then all of the other shit out there.
  16. I did not start the account to argue about this topic Mr smart guy. I was skimming and scanning when I came upon this topic and it pissed me offer that "cball" was such a dueche about the whole thing. It's wax it won't kill you any faster then all of the other shit out there.
  17. Woah didn't know the process of turning into hash would ruffle so many feathers.:unsure:
    I ain't even high but I know a few ppl who need a toke :wub:

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  19. Thought I read the title as 'how to smoke hash with kief'
    I was gunna say some smart shit.

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