How to make Social capitalism work?

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  1. Life, Liberty,and the pursuit of happiness is a craving shared by all mankind and yet in a "Free" society We remain burdened to Wear the very chains forced upon Our fathers.

    National Debt, is a term arbitrarily used within the realms of Economics and Politics and yet it incurs a distinct fallacy. The truth is That One generation has no more a Right to bind another to its Debt and Incumbrances than One Man has the Right to bind another to his Will. To truly believe otherwise would be foolish for in its very Nature it ensues the Abolition of Equality.

    For if a Child yet unborn must Pay for the mistakes, nigh the shortsightedness of his Parents then he is already Doomed to a Life of Servitude and is beyond doubt a Slave to a System to which he was never Responsible For. If the Creation of such a System is allowed then the Ramifications of the Previous Generations Actions will Echo throughout all the Schools of thought to Such an Extent that the Degradation of their very Humanity will come into Question.

    In a truly Free Society, Peace is Warranted by its very Volition. All Concerns are Deliberate and Transparent, The Delegation will supersede the Debate. But in Order for these Proceedings to Begin we must first Question if we as Free people are truly Equal.

    Our World is One that is Abundant in Resources and yet Owned by Few. These stakes to Claim that which is the Property of all Men are without Merit and thus Immoral. If we abide by these longstanding Traditions, made by Men whom thought little of Liberty, then a Grave Injustice will no doubt Continue to Occur.

    The Wars of the Future will be Amongst thy fellow Man, but between that of the Well to do and of the Struggling. For what War in Our Past was not Incited First by Greed, such a thing is Unavoidable, Unless the People themselves do not Allow further Deceit, They themselves will come to Realize that such a World is Unjust and needing Retribution.

    Fear itself is a tool to be wielded by those whom suffer from it, The Wealthy will always Fear the Rest of Humanity because of the Obvious Contrast in Our lives, but they Must not be Allowed to Continue such act as to make Us squabble Amongst Ourselves while They enjoy the Fruits of Our Labor.

    Our World is One that is ever more Connected in ways previously thought Impossible, Nations no longer Dictate the Insurgence of the Human Mind.

    Money is too Powerful of a tool to wield in such Numbers as we See Today.Together, We the People can make such a World Possible, there will always be Opposition rest assured but there is no force More Righteous than One who cries of Freedom.
  2. Im suggesting Caps be enforced more or less through tax brackets and wages vs inflation and rise of standard of living to be raised accordingly, excess wealth redistributed. Also just food for thought imagine if our military budget was spent on automation of menial jobs, productivity increases, profit taxed and then reinvested in education and retraining.
  3. Socialism is the antithesis of true unfettered capitalism, having them morphed together is what we have now; Corporatism.

  4. If you want wages to increase, standards of living to rise, and productivity to increase, you must support free market capitalism. The more wealth you arbitrarily redistribute and the more you tax profits to "reinvest" will only serve to lower productivity, wages, and standards of living. The power of the free market can easily eradicate poverty from the earth if given a chance, but governments all over the world can't allow that. The state thrives on poverty. It gives them a reason for existing, in order to fix social problems. If those social problems didn't exist, many would question whether or not the state is necessary in the first place (it's not). The state must have many people dependent upon it for survival, so laissez-faire capitalism is extremely apolitical. Since the state is against it, state propaganda is also. State propaganda seeps into the minds of almost everyone in our society through state run education and corporate controlled media. This is the source of antagonism towards the truly free market. It has no basis in history, economics, or reality.

  5. Or imagine if our military budget was money saved?

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