How to make small pipe to take on the go?

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  1. Usually only smoke joints so have no idea how to make these

  2. Go by Wal-Mart, get a Zebra mechanical pencil, take it apart take some dikes and crimp it to make a bowl. It should look like this.

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    go to home depot to the brass fittings section and make a twist together one, put a screen in it and done
  4. lol sorry I can't figure out where the bowl is on that pic
  5. It's the shortest part haha
  6. Bro, the zebra pens come with parts to make a pipe without having to ruin the pen!
    The cone tip can fit perfectly into that little tube and then after you can put it back together.

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  7. But the tip is plastic... Fuck that shit
  8. Oh the pen? Not the pencil right
  9. Oh yea yea, sorry man thought you said the pen lol. I've never seen the pencil

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  10. But OP why dont you just go buy a little one hitter from the head shop. The cigarette one is like 3 bucks

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  11. 1. Goto local headshop and purchase small pipe for 5-10$
    2. Enjoy
    Why goto all these DIY stores when there's a pipe store down the block? Unless your doing this for fun or something
    Thing is I don't live in America :D
  13. Oh, where do you live? Most countries offer pipes and paraphanalia so I'd like to know where you are
    Thats certainly one way. I like to just jam the cap in. Perfect air tight fit and perfect bowl size.
    I live in Portugal
    You guys gotta explain me this in a bit more detailed way if you don't mind. Maybe show some more pics?
  17. It's decriminalized there, so why wouldn't there be shops for glass?

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    Well, only place I think I could buy one is on a "smart shop", but think they're too expensive
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    The Zebra F-301 is actually the one you want to use because It has the pure stainless steel body and cap.
    You just take the pen apart and wedge the cap into the tube and you got what I like to call a Superman pipe, fully made of steel, virtually indestrucable, discreet, disposable and affordable.  (youtube it)
    This has been my daily driver for over a year. I used to use glass bongs for 8+ years and swore by them.
    edit: It's incredibly easy to clean and you can also throw a cigarette skin over it or any design you want.
    Very nice man! Does the pen have to be fully metal? Or only the socket?
    I found this video, is it like this?

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