How To Make shatter With Alcohol?

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  1. I made shatter the very first time I made iso. The second time it wasn't as hard. I think I pulled it off the heat to soon and that's the reason why it was softer. But it is possible. Much more potent stuff the first time. I'm going home to make more now. Anyone know if you can extract the water from the 91% iso.?????? Cause I keeping running into water issues and want to get rid of I it. Once it gets to that stage of the evape, can I re strain the liquid and try to eliminate the water.
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  3. The freezing aspect is explained like this, when you have the alcohol very cold, it wont pick up as much biological material, I don't use the 15 second method, as you do lose some product, I let it sit for 5 minutes in the freezer. after already being cold from the freezing process. After 5 minutes I pour the material through the filter to get as much of the material off of it as fast as I can! You can use a turkey baster with some filter material in the TIP, to clean the BIO Mass out of your solution!

    Kind of funny what people think. The process of making shatter is simple, you cook the extraction longer!
    The reason you get SAP instead of shatter, in all cases, is the extraction process was affected by impurity's in the product. So the more pure the material suspended in the solvent is, the easier it is to use.

    Which leads us to why it is harder to make shatter with alcohol based extraction method's. Like what was mentioned before the polarity of the solvent makes all the difference, the use of these chemicals have to be purged. Where alcohol like ever clear, that starts out as a food grade product, you wont need to purge if you cook the alcohol out! this is evidenced in the amount of bubbling coming from the material as it cooks down, when it stops bubbling, its pretty clean, if you cook it longer it becomes shatter!

    Once the alcohol is out of the oil, it will start to harden up as it loses its solvent. Now if you have a heated vacuum chamber life gets easier, as you can just watch the process. If the material has a lot of biological material in it, its going to break and become green or black sap!

    But if you have the micro screens and tools, you can inject this run through a serious of screens, and filters, you will have some waste compared to a butane run, but it will create a light brown shatter when cooked down now!
  4. I just took the nugs dried them out soaked them in an organic ethonol over night filtered it through coffee filters and poured my mixture of alcohol in a pyrex dish and put that on a double boiler on a low tepmerature for 10hours and done shatter cant seem to get it clear if anyone has any pointers on that i would appreciate it

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