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How to make shatter BHO

Discussion in 'Harvesting and Processing Marijuana' started by EarlofErrl, Oct 4, 2012.

  1. I fill my tube very tight and you could not blow through it. Also I dehydrate the bud prior to extracting. Otherwise same steps as i use for the most part.
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    Spray your tane over parchment paper that's folded/taped so it has walls, that should be sitting in a pyrex dish that is sitting in hot but not steaming water(140degrees max) let it sit and purge for an hour, changing the water if it doesn't stay hot. Then I use a heat gun(a hairdrier works on low. Do not pop the bubbles or whip it with your dabber or anything) for 5 minute sessions untill it stops bubbleing, if you don't have a vacuum pump/purger let it air purge (not in the sun!)for a day, the drier it is the better chance it will turn to shatter. When its done being purged fold your paper in half, get it cold and rip it apart, then repete

    Btw already processed material is great for edibals
  3. subbed to read later

  4. you mean butaned bud from the tube? how much is necessary to get the same as a half oz in brownies?
  5. Probably ¾ to a full, depending on a lot of things

    Cook with your reclaim too =]
  6. sorry to reply so late i wouldnt put any liquid butane near any sort of heat do a hot water bath outside first untill the bubbles stop then bring it near the stove top trust me no spark or flame near it had it catch fire once lucky me it wasnt at my house did get burned tho it sucked
  7. Really glad this is helping people :)
  8. Anyone ever blast hash?

    I'm considering getting an ounce or two and making oil from it.

  9. I noticed a horrible return when I blasted a half o of blonde hash.. break it down as much as possible and mix it half n half with bud and you should get a better return
  10. Just picked up a glass tube.

    This will be my first attempt at bho...I'll post pics when I'm done!
  11. Well, here's my results. Waiting for the woman to get home before I try it out. This is by far the best looking batch of concentrate I've ever made. Way easier than iso too.

    But yeah, I can't get over how clear this stuff is.

    Only got a gram though, so I just did a second run with about half of another can.

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  12. yeah brother its like gold glass, and i def prefer over ISO. Im glad my page helped :)
  13. Did you just let it sit out to purge? Vacuum purged stuff doesn't seem to stay clear like that for me, it gets dry and hard after a day of siting out, like hash. Wonder how to make vaccum clear\shatter?
  14. how much heat are you using?^
  15. 3 - 1 minute sessions in the oven at 170, vaccumed between each oven session. Its clear the day u make it but drys out to hash the next day.
  16. Its waxing up because you're agitating the oil and heating it too hot.

    By heating up the oil and then putting it in the vac, your changing its temperature and agitating it at the same time. Heat and agitation is oils worst enemy. You need to be able to steadily heat your chamber, put the oil in there and let it sit and warm up for at least 5 minutes before turning on the vac.

    And keep your temps below 120
  17. I have a shit ton of shake like 3.5 oz amd im about to just try to make budder. I want to make half budder and half shatter. But the goopy one that doesnt get completelynhard (or is that the one you want)

    From what I gather:

    You use the refined butane the glass tube, shake, and filter and spray that into a dish... amd put it into hot water? How do I make sure ALL the butane is out of it? How does the process differ if i want budder and not shatter? (Whipping?time?)And how many times do I use a new hot water dish? If im making that much do i put it all in the same dish in separate purges and just keeo changing water forever? Someone help me out. Ive been readin just not entirely clear on it.

    Also I plan to use literally all of it in a pen like as my personal stash for a very very very long time. Whats the best pen forbthis method of extraction product?
    Also last question
  18. I've seen people use a griddle with Pyrex. But nice write up
  19. This is exactly what I use.:)
  20. Heres a killer youtube video on how to make it. I suggest a vac purge before converting to shatter
    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LxMVxxweyVY]Knottyy's BHO Budder to Shatter Tutorial - How To Turn Budder/Wax/Honeycomb into Shatter - YouTube[/ame]

    prop to youtube user Knottyy

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