How to make shatter BHO

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  1. what you need:

    ---2 pyrex pans, one small enough to fit comfortably in the other.

    ---glass extraction tube ask any glassblower to make one, theyll know what it is and there only around 30$ if you cannot find a glass on to buy, then get a stainless steel turkey baster from Bed bath beyond, or wal-mart

    - vector butane (need the attachment in the cap) use whatever attachment fits ur tube(or any other butane that passes the mirror test(spray tane on mirror, let evaporate, if theres a stinky white film the tanes not safe to blow errl with)

    ---10 grams to a half oz of good weed or trim(or enough to pack the tube so there isnt ANY AIR POCKETS but not hard enough to where you get a blowback.(just blow through and makes sure its not so tight the air cant escape)

    ---coffee filter(un-bleached work well) double up and (triple up if your blasting hash or kief)

    --rubber band

    --bandanna or towel

    --thermometer(laser thermometers work extremely well for this)

    start by filling tube with weed(like i said before tight enough for no air pockets, but not so tight you cant blow through it)

    cover big end of tube with coffee filters and fixate with rubber band once weed is in place

    next put a pan of water on the stove on close to high and watch it closely, when it reaches 160 degrees get a thermos, and fill it with the water (the thermos is needed so the water stays hot longer, less trips inside etc)

    put enough water to coat bottom of the second pyrex in the bigger one, remember water is hot.

    put smaller pyrex inside bigger one that now has water in it

    next put towel or bandanna around the tube because it gets fucking cold and you can get frostbite

    hold tube coffee filter side down 3 or 4 inches above pyrex plate(close enough so it doesnt splatter everywhere, and far away enough the filter doesnt touch the bottom)

    put attachment in top of tube(some butane doesnt need a attachment, just if it comes with them then use them( they're usually inside the cap)

    put butane tip in attachment and slowly put pressure on it so it releases butane until you see the liquid hit the plate, then stop applying pressure for exacly 3-7 seconds
    do this repeatedly until the can is gone, or the liquid coming out is not sticky any more, and clear

    try to move the can around in your hand so the spray gets all the nugget not just the middle(again do this only during the times ur blasting)

    at this point when ur done blasting, let it sit in the water until the waters cooled, then replace the water again with hot once more(see now u know why u have the thermos, readily available hot water)

    after about 15 more minutes in the second hot water purge or until the "action" stops take it out and LET IT SIT OUT IN THE OPEN(no freezer, no sunlight, just open air) FOR ABOUT 48-56 HOURS and then then u have about *25% weight shatter.(if you blasted a half oz, you should get at least 3 grams)

    if your too impatient to wait overnight, you can wait til its stable at room temp and just whip it up a bunch with a dabber. small whipping motions itll just be buddar instead of shatter

    BY THE WAY SHATTER IS JUST MORE POTENT, AND CLEAN BHO, BUDDAR IS JUST EASIER AND LESS TIME CONSUMING, the terpenes are dying at a rapid rate and theres still tane or moisture in it

    so ya there ya go, this is my personal recipe for BHO I hope it helps all of you errl heads make a safe medication :) dab on!
  2. Forgot to mention how to prepare your buds/trim; Always scissor your material, never grind. Too much plant matter wont allow your oil to go to shatter :bongin:
  3. very good tut

    my dealer is supposed to hook me up with a bunch of free trim and i plan on using butane and will reference this thread

    good job
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    Shatter is much easier to obtain if you tripple vaccum purge and use a heat gun inbetween purges
    Also, I prefer blowing it into reynolds parchment paper instead of pyrex so you don't have a sticky mess to scrape up.
  5. good tek:hello:

    although if you are just pouring hot water into your double boiler and letting it cool down instead of keeping it at a constant temp with some sort of heat source, i would do your hot water purge a few more times for good measure.

    at a constant temp of 140, when i run an 8th's worth, it takes me about 2 hours of constant purging before it stops sparking if i put some on a paperclip and take a flame to it.


  6. I guess i should explain that i just break the flower into little popcorn nugs for the first run, then if i want to do a second run i grind it up. I mostly just use the first run nugs to make some cannabutter for treats

    and I personally do hot water baths every morning after i blast for about 3 days or so
  7. I would say break the buds up by hand and peel them away properly rather than scissor. thats just me though :D
  8. anybody else had trouble with lemon diesel shattering up? doesnt want to it seems. ive blasted 2 separate runs and they both just sapped up..see through amber sap no bubbles or sizzle on nail
  9. Gonna try this today.:)

  10. lemme know how it turns out, try to post pics if possible! and feel free to ask as many questions as you need!
  11. Gonna get some parchment paper cause that sounds way easier than Pyrex .

  12. It really is... once its all purged you just fold it in half, rub both sides on something cold then rip it apart then fold and repete
  13. Do I purge it while the liquid is in it? I'm using the stove top. Will that shit blow my dick off??:eek:



    That's the other smaller Pyrex with parchment paper in it. It had the liquid butane in the paper .

    Is it safe to use the stove to purge this shit?? Again I value my weiner and like it were it is.:)
  14. ...:( anyone?
  15. Woah dude, do that stuff outside, blow ur butane into a clean Pyrex dish, let evaporate in the open, or put warm water under the Pyrex, wait till its scrapeable.
    Then use ur stove, and don't blow ur butane right onto the paper..

  16. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
    i couldnt agree more

    did you even read the tutorial man i said this shit is MAD flamable, do ii outside like weedin said man can people please start being safer with this shit
  17. I prefer My shatter to be ISO but thats just me....

  18. I blew up my kitchen and burnt off my eyebrows...
  19. Lol jk, thankfully enough I have retained some commen sense through all my pot smoking years. Lol

    I fucked it up as far as shatter but I got some sticky amber shit that melted like hash in my bowl. Was fucking delicious !!! Got me stoned as fuck!

    Only used an 8th and I have around an ounce more plus an extra can of tane.

    Gonna try the right way today and hopefully get some shatter.:)

    P.s. this will be pre getting baked this time! Lol

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