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How To Make Potent Firecrackers

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by TheTDCmsn, Aug 8, 2014.

  1. To make do i mix the weed in with nutella and butter in a bowl then spread on the cracker, or do spread nutella and butter on the cracker and just sprinkle the weed on top? Which way is more potent?
    Also is heating the oven at 300F for 25min a perfect cooking? Is it better to eat it on an empty stomach or after i ate something?
    Last, is half a gram of dank enough to get me high for several hours? I dont smoke much. Im 19 and didnt start smoking til a year ago and in total ive smoked maybe 15 times in my life, last time smoking was 2 weeks ago. Im not a big smoker so i guess i dont have high tolerance and dont need as much weed to get high? Idk...
  2. Waste of a dank half gram, guarantee you don't even feel it. I stopped making these things a long time ago. If you're going to make edibles (or anything else for that matter), making it properly can double or triple the potency. Personally I wouldn't make edibles with anything less than concentrates following one of badkitty's recipes, flower is just too weak especially in small amounts like this.
  3. well what i do is decarb the weed for about 30mins on 240F and then I spread nutella on both crackers and sprinkle the weed on top of the nutella then i melt a bit of butter and pour it over the decarb weed n nutella.. put it in the oven for 22mins on 250F.
    I've gotten high as fuck the majoirty of the time i've made firecrackers the only bad thing is that it taste like shit. also eat something at least 1hr before you ever eat a edible.
  4. That'll work good but there isn't any reason to heat your weed twice.  Put it in the peanut butter or whatever and heat it about 30 minutes@250.  OP, I'd be careful about ingesting a half gram of good pot when you have no tolerance.  Too much is very uncomfortable and will stop time. Try a quarter gram first and adjust from there.  Badkitty's cannacapsules are very powerful and wasteful of concentrates unless you have developed tolerance.  Eating flowers will work just as well for you with less chance of overdosing.  Give it plenty of time to work before you give up and take more, like 2 hours.
  5. U are Aware that what your doing won't work whatsoever right? U have to make cannabutter or something infused with cannabis n has fat for the thc n cannabinoids to stick to in order for it to work u can't just" decarb" weed n eat it an get high lol doesn't matter if u add butter or anything lol

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    LOL good one bro.
  7. thanks I'm thinking of becoming a comedian lol

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  8. I've read that myth also but since THC is an oil it's absorbed like any other oil.  You don't have to mix it with anything.  Decarb and ingest.  Cooking with it adds or masks flavor.  Have you ever tried it?  You seem so sure about what you're saying so I think not.
  9. Cooking it into oil or butter would be a better bet but if you are set on firecrackers
    1. Decarb (look up badkittysmiles for times and temps)
    2 grind up as much as possible and sprinkle it on the coated cracker. Use a toothpick to mix it in, but keep it away from the edges because some will seep out
    3 have a small snack, wait about 45 minutes then eat it. I like to drink milk with it, I figure the extra fat can't hurt

    I usually extract into coconut oil and make truffles. With well extracted oil half a gram would probably be too much with your tolerance but firecrackers can be a little hit and miss. Eat half and wait at least an hour and a half before you have more

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