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How to make plants bud?

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by spade, Dec 24, 2005.

  1. Im new to this grow thing, i got a small grow, under 15 plants.
    I was wondering if you can provide CO2 to the plants, by puting a lit candle in my grow room.
    Most combustion provides some amount of CO2,
  2. Not a good idea, big fire hazard to. Wont even produce close to enough c02.

    If you want Co2. Only two options: Co2 tanks or Co2 generators.

    Anything else and your wasting time and cash.

    No other way to keep 1500-2000PPM up.

  3. Oh, thanks for the advice, but i think i should mention that, the candle i have is not a regular candle, its very large, almost a cubic foot block of wax, with 6 large wicks. About the firehazard issue, I was planning to check on it every hour or so when its lit. And never leave it buring over night, also i have a metal candle holder.

    My growroom is very small, its a closet. its about the size of a telephone booth, or bathroom stall, and it has a door on it.

    I got this idea because, once i left the candle buring in my bathroom for a couple hours, and later when i went in the room, i noticed a large shortage of oxygen, it felt like i was up the the mountains. I definatly needed more effort to breath.

    So i guess my real question is that, will the candle produce any toxic gasses bad for my plants, or any other concerns? From what basic chemistry i know, im pretty sure candle wax is long hydrocarbon chains. and buring it should give off CO2. If its enough to fill my bathroom with co2 then i think it should be enough for my growroom, my bathroom is many times larger.
  4. I am trying to make my plants bud, I had 24 hrs a day of light during the vegatative phase. Now i want them to bud.

    I switched to the 12hr light/12 hr darkness to make them bud, but its been about 7 days or so, the plants simply get bigger, i have no signs of budding.

    They actually grew alot faster than 24 hrs of light.
  5. What light are you using for the 12/hr
  6. just wait.

    If they're not already there, you should be getting pre-flowers soon.

    Just be weary of any males, and pull those fuckers out
  7. I heard the longer they take to bud, the better the budd is when it does??
  8. I am useing the coil type flurecent lights, with a built in balast. They screw into regular incadecant bulb holders.

    I know high pressure sodium is best for budding, but i simply cannot afford them.
  9. I tried budding with floros, make sure you have the lights as close to the plant as you can. Just don't burn it. And most importantly is the strongest light from floros comes from the sides not the bottom if you have the lights only at the top of the plant they will stretch and the not bud.
  10. Yeah dude ur a genius, i have all my lights hanging from the top. that why they dont bud!!!
  11. I wanted to bud my plants with fluroecent lights, and In another thread a guy recommended placeing the lights on the sides of the plant to make it bud, this does seem to make sense, i havent gotten any buds for about a week and a half now, using 12/12 light.

    Should the lights be placed in the sides of the plants? How far should they be placed from the plants.? Should i use a reflector?

    *I have not read this trick on any other grow instructions, I would just like some more info on this technique.
  12. Just 2 let you know, you CAN bud a plant with a floro but I'd say your time is better spent working, you'll be able to buy way more bud than you'll be growing. Budding with a floro will get you probably around a quarter of not even that dank of weed.
  13. HIGH All, never use a candle....*LOL* grow read some marijuana grow guides..Trust me it's worth it...another thing don't worry about co2..in a space like that your plant would get enough....

    Edit:...spade welcome to The City...I merged your threads into one as it could have been answered in one post..
  14. you wont see buds until 3-4 weels. and flowering is usually 8 or so weeks.

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