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How to make my stash last longer and not go bad

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by BEANO, May 31, 2009.

  1. I'm new to these forums and I tried searching on this issue with no success.

    I've basically been told the basics on keeping your stash from going rotten: Keep it in an airtight container and keep in in a cool place...

    So I have a question:

    I have 2 Oz. of weed and I need to keep from going rotten for awhile. I live on a college campus and don't have a lot of tools. I thought that putting some water in my bag and keeping it in my fridge would keep it hydrated and lasting longer. I did this, put it in my fridge overnight and now all my weed smells (literally) like old cut grass from the backyard.

    Does this mean my stash is going bad? Does keeping your stash hydrated with water help is last longer?

    Please post any links to other threads or advice here. I paid a lot of money for this stuff and I'm kinda panicking. I can't smoke my weed for another 2 weeks because I have a drug test coming up that I want to pass... I just need to make it last awhile...

  2. You need to dry that shit out!!!
    Never soak your bud man.
  3. Dude, water=MOLD.

    Water is bad.

    Put it on a papertowel under a fan for a hour or so.

    Then a mason jar with orange peels.
  4. OK. Fast way to do this? I've only had it one night. Do you think I'm screwed or will I be OK?
  5. fastst way to try buds is in the microwave lol but if you just wanna keep it fresh keep it in a manson jar. weed never really goes bad they have found bud that was thousands of years old and still potent
  6. OK, I put all of between paper towels and it letting it sit. Should I put it back in the fridge after it all dries?
  7. lmao you do weird stuff with your bud man just put it all in a airtight jar and dont open the jar or handle the bud unless your getting some to smoke and itll be fine
  8. OK. Will that stinky grass smell go away? Will it start to smell like good bud again or am I screwed?
  9. Since when does moisture keep things from going bad?

  10. why the hell did you think soaking your weed would make it good?

    Just put it in a glass jar, which you could easily get at any supermarket. then either eat the contents or dump it. then use it
  11. Eat the contents or dump it?
  12. the stuff in the jar :rolleyes: this shouldnt be to hard to understand man lol but i think your fucked for getting your weed wet that was a pretty stupid thing to do
  13. Why did you buy 2 ounces if you don't smoke that often? I would suggest next time buying just enough to last you a month unless your dealer is quitting or something.

    However, keep it in the fridge in a mason jar, it helps it last longer I have read on here.

  14. sorry for not clarifying, like say for example you bought a glass jar of ... idk..jam. eat the jam, make alot of pb and j sandwich's, or just dump the jam
  15. Update:

    I separated my 2 oz's into 10 groups, covered it all with paper towels for about an hour. The rotting grass smell has almost disappeared. I put everything in an airtight plastic bag and I've been putting it under a fan for about 10 minutes now and carefully stirring the weed to get the smell out. I think it's gonna be OK.

    Where is the best place to store it after I get it all dry? Fridge? Room Temperature?
  16. Now that it is at risk for getting moldy and you want to get rid of it fast, i highly suggest using the cannabutter recipe and make some edibles. The Water wont hurt it because you will cook it and you will get ripped.
  17. Just make a shit load of cannibutter. It won't go bad.
  18. I go home from school in two weeks and the weed was only $120 an ounce =)
  19. You guys really think it's gonna go bad now? ...even if I get all the water out?
  20. It still has a greater chance of now becoming infected with mold.

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