How To Make My New Bong

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  1. Im in Vegas and convinced my mom to get me one of those big bong looking drinking tubes where you get a really long straw to drink. It looks great!!

    One problem :(

    Its has no hole at the bottom or bowl.

    1. How can i drill a hole in it to fit a bowl i would buy at a head shop
    2. Should i drill a carb.
    3 is this a good idea?
  2. no offence but if you have to ask your mum to buy u a 'big bong looking drinking tube' then I have a slight suspicion you are not 18....
  3. I agree with the under 18 thing, but anyway the only way I can think to drill it without a drill is to get some scissors or a knife and just turn it, but be careful to not slip.
  4. Heat up a screw driver till it is really hot, like so hot it turns red, and then poke a hole a bit smaller then the stem so when you put the stem on it is practically airtight; and yes, put a carb and just use the same technique.
  5. I am 19 but went on a trip with my mom for once and she was there wen i got it. I did not express myself properly. I meant that i convinced her that the only reason im getting it is to have a souvenir

    Sorry for misunderstanding

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