How To Make My Home Wifi Network More Secure?

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  1. Hey blades, I've had a problem with one of my jerk-off neighbors stealing huge amounts of my wifi downloading God knows what under my name,
    I have a WEP key, but every few months this asshole cracks it and uses my Wifi to the extent that my bandwidth is completely saturated to the point that my wifi is useless.
    I get around this by changing the password every few months, and I have removed his computer manually from my network but I want to make sure he can't come back.
    How can I make my network more secure?

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    Yea, there's no telling if he's downloading pirated movies or watching Netflix. I think you can see what site he's on but here's some links to your answer.

    I'll post a link to tell what site he's on and let us know too. I don't want to be nosy, just curious. <.<
  3. And you have a Wep key? You might as well leave it open for him. Wep is the easiest to crack. Use a Wpa/Wpa2 key, then he'll have no choice but to get his own internet. Also, use a 10-14 character password.
  4. Combine numbers and letters upper case and lower case, he's probably using a cracker that uses a dictionary. Use a password like gcITbSe420 "grass city Is The Best Site Ever420"
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    There is no 100% protection, but you can enable mac filtering to make it a lot harder for wifi crackers.
  6. Disable ssid broadcast while you're at it so he cant see the network 
  7. Manually kicked him off again today. I disabled SSID broadcast and changed my password. I've had WPA this whole time, but it obviously isn't protecting me.
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    Yeah if you are using WEP, its more or less akin to leaving the key in your backdoor lock.  Sure its locked but the key is right there to open it up.
    Easiest way to stop him from connecting is to get his local IP or MAC adress and block it, its going to look like 192.168.2.x or 192.168.1.x or a macadress looks like a series of numbers and letters connected by semicolons
    Find out which machine is his and block the local IP corresponding.  IE : His machine may be registered for local IP
    Couple this with changing password to a WPA-2 Encryption and a password containing a casesensitive word and numbers.  if he manages to find his way back onto your network you either have a terrible router, or a way for him to get the password easily; ie keylogger, direct access to your computer/router/modem.
    edit; if you dont mind showing me what router/modem you have you should post them.
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    Dude 100% full proof absolute safe method, cables. You can wire that shit up so you plug ins in each room. Best part, that shit is faster than wifi. Yeah.
    Or if you can't pull that off reflash you router with dd-wrt or tomato firmware and tweak the shit out of it.
    Using ethernet cables is by no means faster than wifi. More Stable? sure.
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    Well I guess there's not really anything I can do because my family has literally no idea how to type in the SSID manually.

    Explaining this to them is like trying to teach a newborn calculus, so I give up.

    The next time he connects I'll see if I can find his MAC address.

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    Keep your SSID active,
    Block the Alien users MAC address.  It SHOULD be readily available wherever your router shows active users.
    You WILL be able to use the mac address from the alien users device to permanently block access to the router despite the password or encryption method.
    On top of that check for any firmware upgrades your router could use.  Again, what kind of router do you have, this is extremely easy of a problem to solve if you just respond.
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    Mac address is the best method, unfortunately my router froze up when I used it and he tried to connect.

    If you assign static ips to your devices and limit the amount of devices on your router to the same amount as what you have. You will also need to change the acceptable range of ips in your router.

    Example pc
    .2 wifes phones
    .3 kids phone
    .4 tablet
    .5 laptop

    Change range to only allow ip for that specific range. This is how I stopped my neighbors from hacking my internet. Lol
  14. Sorry, I have a Linksys WRT54g.
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    First go to the section in your router webpage ( if i remember correctly) where you see who is using your router.  Locate the MAC Address of this user and follow these steps

    Reply if you still have any questions. It should be really simple to block the mac address of the user you dont want.
     I used to have this router back in like.... 2005-ish.  Was pretty good for PSP online gaming but i dont know much about if it has any firmwares available.  I know someone in here already said to reflash your router with a new hack firmware pretty much, I dont know much about it but I hear its pretty good. I wouldnt have any idea how to do it though without googling so if you want to go down that route youd be on your own.
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    It is much faster than WiFi, but most people won't be able to take advantage of it.
    Using Ethernet cables almost any modern computer is capable of a 1 Gbps connection.  Easily 10 Gbps if you spring for some enterprise equipment.
    Only the newest WiFi devices (802.11ac) claim to be able to match that speed. but nobody really has that standard implemented yet because it's so new.  Also it's a theoretical claim...nobody will see that speed because after you take into account distance+interference+obstacles the throughput of WiFi suffers significantly.
    Most modern WiFi devices only support 802.11n which runs at only 300 Mbps (0.3 Gbps) as a theoretical maximum.  Much slower than Gigabit Ethernet.
    The key is that most people are not accessing anything on their local network so they will never take advantage of the speed of Gigabit Ethernet.  Even if you have a Gigabit connection to your modem, your connection to the Internet is much slower so that will always be the bottleneck.
  17. This is the closest to being the safest response to how to keep him out. But even this isn't the most secure.

    Come on guys seriously.

    If you want to learn how to make it more secure, research how to break it.

    I read the first 2 paragraphs and by the looks of it you really need to upgrade routers OP.

    When you are looking for one, get one with no WPS support. One of these routers is really easy to crack because there's a vulnerability there.

    I mean I'm really whacked right now but I'm trying to help you out blade
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    Show me a modern computer that is achieving 1 gbps network speeds, or even half that.  At which point you will link me to a number of companies that likely have the capabilities, but it doenst matter because they have to be secure so using wireless internet would be a bad idea to begin with.
    Essentially to take advantage of the speed gains from ethernet you are saying you would have to first live in a time period where these speeds exist, and also likely be directly inside building whatever ISP is HQ'd at.
    TL;DR, Ethernet is still not faster than WiFi
  20. Thanks for the help blades, and yes I do need a new router. I'm getting one soon.

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