How to make money on craigslist without having anything to sell :]

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  1. Alot of people don't know this, but there is a sub-section on craigslist that lists free things people dont want(Garage sale leftovers, books, old movies, etc)

    Alot of people like to get rid of couches, those giant TV's from the early 2000's, and alot of automobile stuff.

    If you're too lazy to get a job, or just can't find can make an easy $100 in a weekend if you plan a few days ahead.

    I made $177 last weekend by looking through the Free page on craigslist, picked up someones couch, someones old tv, some old movies, blankets, and about 40+ pairs of mens shoes.

    Sold the couch for $80
    Sold the TV for $35
    Sold the movies and blankets for $22 at a pawn shop.
    And sold the Shoes at my friends yardsale for $60, gave $20 to my friend.

    So i put in about 12 hours of work in 4 days to get all of this(Driving, posting on craigslist, answering phone, etc etc) and came out with just as much as someone who would put in 48 hours of labor working minimum wage.

    IM NOT SAYING YOU SHOULD LIVE ON THIS WEEKLY. But if your desperate for some cash, give it a try.
  2. Master schemer, you better be putting that money to good use friend! :smoke:

    48 x $7.25 = $348

    12 x $7.25 = $87 (Amount made working a minimum wage job in the mean time).

    $177 / 12 = $14.75 (your hourly wage)

  3. Interesting
  4. first i was like aww fuck yeah im gonna try this out! then i was like damn, no many free things on my craigslist :/
  5. I've done this. I've also bought stuff for pennies at yard sales and sold on craigslist for huge profits. I bought a TV at a yard sale for 10 and sold it 3 hours later on craigslist for 50.
  6. there are a few guys that drive around my neighborhood every garbage day picking up everything that could be sold for scrap metal or cleaned up/restored and sold for cash. you can make money off free shit but your still putting in time and effort which isnt free so your title is a little misleading. but cool post none the less. my ex girlfriends brother made some decent money acquiring and reselling things on craigs list.
  7. I do this with a lot of stuff from garage sales.
  8. Hell yea I just searched and I found a free pool table with everything you need to play.

  9. Or you can slang dick on cg's list
  10. you can make money online too without buying or selling or filling out surveys. its free too so no bullshit its really easy and you make real cash. by telling 5 of your friends about it you make $100 instantly deposited to your paypal account or get a check in the mail. check out this animated presentation about it WebSite.WS

  11. Last time I checked, time and effort was free.
  12. My time sure as fuck isn't free and it is far too valuable and limited to given away for free. At least it's worth something to me............
  13. Basic economics, guys: Trade-offs.

    Time has no monetary value. Time gives you options, however. With your time, you face a trade-off between (in this instance) working a minimum wage job and trading on craigslist.

    On any given day, you could either be working a job or trading, but not both.
  14. Pfft.

    You almost had me convinced that you had a better understanding of time than I did.

    That was until you posted this.

    You CAN do both in a day.

    You can do both for SEVERAL days.

    Just know your schedule, your health, and your responsibilities.
  15. This is a pretty good idea. I search the free sections all the time.

    I see people giving aways lots of furniture, boats, RV's, Mobile homes, tons of scrap wood, scrap metal. Some of it is in real nice shape.

    You want to have a truck and maybe a trailer too.

    There was a guy giving away a cast fire place insert that was worth about $600 bucks. He just wanted someone to come and remove it.

    I would have done it myself if I could have found help.


    Also, if you want to find a nice dog or cat that needs a home and you don't want to pay an enormous fee at the shelter there are plenty in there looking for good homes.
  16. anyone got a direct link to the free area? craigslist is a bit confusing.

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