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How to make money and live off the land

Discussion in 'General' started by ChiefBuddha, Dec 7, 2011.

  1. I wanna buy a big piece of land out in the country. I'm going to work for two years non stop to save up to do this. But once i have my land i wanna make money still. What are things people do with lots of land besides farming to get some income?
  2. If you grow it they will come.
  3. Is there still such thing as subsistence farming? Don't think so, you'll be rapped by the industry.
  4. it aint as easy as just gettin a good idea boss.
  5. my plan is to work to buy some land, keep working, use the land for activites(paintballing, dirt biking hiking that kinda stuff) then eventually just build my house on it.

  6. I've seen a lot of guys do this. especially back in the 1970's when there was a big "back to the earth" movement. The typical plan is to buy a little place somewhere and drop out so you won't have to deal with the man so much. Grow your own pot and "live off the land". While these schemes have a lot of alure and are great in the short run, they seldom work out in the long run for many reasons. But basically to make it work in the long run you have to have some sort of steady job to support yourself.

    To answer your basic question of how to make money, I have seen people cut and deliver firewood to raise cash or sell the trees off their property to a logging concern to raise money, stuff like that. Those are a couple of ideas that come to mind.

    Good Luck to you, Brah!
  7. common misconception.

    Its still very much possible and even easier now than it used to be considering all the advances.
  8. This is the kinda stuff i'm looking for. + rep. But i agree with you how it couldn't work out in the long run. But i have a pretty good plan i think. I just graduated so for the next two years i'm going to live at home, i have $20 an hour job lined up for me, and go to my local community college. So after a few years i'll be ready to set out and do what i wanna do. Making $20 an hour as an 18 year old is pretty good money, considering i'll really have no bills either. I can continue working at this place as long as i need. But i feel two years will get me up on my feet and i can go about making money doing things i enjoy. We'll see how it plays out.
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    Wow you are es stupido.

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  10. You dont necessarily need a lot of land, but if you do get a wooded area that has good Oak on it; Consider growing Shitake mushrooms. :smoke:
  11. How? Should I just follow what everyone else is doing and what is expected? Go to college for four years, then graduate and MAYBE find a job because in this economy people with degrees are working at fast food restaurants. Then maybe eventually i'll find a job that suits my career, while paying off 100k in student loans for 10 years. End up making 75k a year, working til i'm 60 hating my life. Then retire and bam what happened to the last 40 years? Or i could go do what i want to do, what would make me happy, and not conform to society, and still be successful. So i don't understand whats stupid about being ambitious rather than doing the "norm".
  12. I will be having land in the northwest so i'm sure i could grow several types of mushrooms. That would be really cool actually :)
  13. well once you have land you need money still. to pay property taxes :mad:

    but find a craft, or work somewhere and be self sufficient still :wave:
  14. People shouldn't be going to college and school for so many years to get a job. They should be learning how to do this kind of shit. How many schools teach you what OP wants to do?

    I share pretty much the same dream as you op. I think you should work your ass of and buy your land, and still work for a few years and build up some bank, invest your money in paintball stuf or what ever else you wanna do and still work so you got money to fall back on. Get some serious crops going on (food crops) and enough weed just for yourself. Dont rely on weed for your income unless you are willing to cop shit from the cops.

    Like some one else mentioned you should get great big soil bags and plant, pines, gum's, oaks, any sort of trees you can grow. Could pay of in a few years. Try get a property on a river of close to a river so you have constant water suply. Basicly think of as many crazy, but realistic ideas to make money as you can. maybe in the next few years you may meet a business partner. But remember be careful with who you your do business with.
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    Also invest in stock. Cows and sheep. say you buy a calf for $100. in 2 or 3 years you can sell it so a meat works for $300-$600.

    Get chickens, sell eggs, eat the meat sell the meat what ever. Also get a pig and feed it your scraps. It will give you lots of delicious bacon in a few years.

    You could sell your produce on the side of the road. You could also grow and sell tabaco. This will not be easy but it can be done if you are willing. Search something like "sustainable living". I have spent about 2 years working on a farm and i know how some of this shit works so PM me for ideas or questions etc.

    Fruit trees are also a good ideas. make the investment and you will have more fruit than you can eat. You could also start a small vineyard and produce your own wine. You will have to learn all the proper techniques to grow your own grapes and fruit but i have been living and working on vineyards all my life and its not hard to learn.

    Grow your own mushrooms (legit legal ones) you could also sell these.
  16. Exactly. I decided along time ago i didn't want to follow society and do what everyone is doing. This is what i want to do and what i will do.

    But that's a great idea on the food crops. I really know nothing about farming and what not but i could learn. I grew up in a suburb home and have never had the opportunity for some hard work and i've always wanted too. But I probably will work for longer to get lots of money saved up. By then i could be promoted and be making more then the $20 an hour. Also i think i am for sure getting a piece of land next to a river, or atleast lake or creek. That would be nice. Great ideas and words man. Thanks + rep
  17. All amazing ideas man. You've really motivated me more towards this. I'll definitely be messaging you for any questions i have. A vineyard would be a dream. I either want to live in the northwest or the Napa Valley. That would be so nice to get this much accomplished at a young age.
  18. FoxFire books are an excellent source (Mother Jones mags too). Wow, the first three are now available as a free download. :smoke:

    Foxfire Books
  19. Thats great thanks man :)

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