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How to make kief hash/press powder hash

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by OGgarfield, Jun 28, 2012.

  1. I've made quite a lot of kief hash and thought I'd share my method as people often as how its made.

    Grab some powder hash/kief, you'l need some wax/greaseproof paper, a bit of newspaper, and an iron.


    Fold the greaseproof paper into a sleeve to hold the kief


    Put as much kief as you want into the paper (for this I used 0.5 grams)


    Fold, then wrap with one or two layers of newspaper



    Dampen the newspaper slightly, Iron on a LOW SETTING (cant stress this enough, can burn kief easy otherwise) for about 4/5 mins, ironing each side of paper for 20seconds & switch. When its ready the paper will be stiff (you can tell when its done)

    Carefully unwrap & you have your hash.



    Perfect way to end the day :smoke:

  2. Wow this actually looks pretty cool, i was wondering how to make some hash without having to buy anything, i dont have much kief right now but if i get .5 someday i will try this. is there a minimum amount of kief you have to use to do this?

  3. You can do it with anything realistic, when I was really keen to smoke but had no bud I would scrape my grinder for kief and use about .3 so I could smoke.

  4. Alright, then i guess ill try this soon and see if i can make a small square of hash, hopefully i wont overheat my iron :eek:

  5. Good luck man, its not that difficult as long as u are careful with the iron!
  6. This method is legit.
    I did it the other day. I really didnt have a lot of keif but it still worked.
    its really easy and ive been blazin up since.
  7. good write up buddy.

    i always used wax paper, inside news paper, moistened in a frying pan on very low with pressure. ill have to try it with an iron.
  8. man....looks nice
  9. this is awesome! saving up kief as we speak, definitely going to give this a shot :bongin:
  10. thanks for the kind words all, believe me it works :smoke:
  11. this thread is so good that i'm bumping it :bongin:

  12. Thank you kind sir :D
  13. About to make some as we speak. ;)

    Very informative post, my friend.
  14. #14 OGgarfield, Jul 1, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Jul 1, 2012
    Only thing I will say about making kief hash is that with lower quality kiefs it is a real harsh smoke. I smoked 10 g over 5 days this week, my lungs are not impressed at all.
  15. i don't think i'll have to worry about that :)

    (also sneaky bump) :bongin:
  16. Very helpful. Exactly what I was looking for when I searched "hash". Thanks man. Rep and a bump :)
  17. cause your soft.... :)
  18. That looks awesome. Gonna have to bookmark this.
  19. shameless bump
  20. Without ripping me a new one, can someone explain why you would make hash instead of just smoking the kief?

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