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How to Make Keif from leaves?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by c0rup7, Mar 15, 2012.

  1. I see all these threads regarding how to make hash but i just want some keif to smoke, how do you Make Keif from leaves?

    Do you just grind it up in a 2 piece grinder than put it in a keif catcher 4 piece one?
  2. no body knows?
  3. Dude bump because Id like to know. Ur grinder idea wont. leaves have a low thc concentration so its gonna require a solvent.
  4. You can't man you just have to move on to harder drugs like meth extraction is much easier
  5. Lmfao!! ^^^
  6. lay off the meth bro.

    but depends on the leafs really.. if its trim or leafs with trichromes on it you can do the dry ice method with bubble bags. But if its just leafs you not gonna get anything that will get you high. QWISO method will also work.
  7. its a combo of trim/leaf and i heard that leafs can be smoked after 3 weeks according to the cannibus grow bible

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