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How to make just 1 brownie?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by uremom3, Oct 11, 2014.

  1. Hey guys. Ive never made or ate edibles before and i really want to try them but the only problem is i dont feel like buying an ounce and putting it all i a batch of brownies when i only wanna eat 1 or 2. Does anybody know how to make just 1 pretty strong brownie? Any help would be greatly appreciated
  2. Make a batch of brownies but only have one brownie in the mix with the weed in it. so then you'll be high as shit off 1 brownie and you'll have several non psychoactive ones for munchies
  3. How would i make the oil for just 1 brownie?
  4. Make a firecracker.

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    Yeah make the fire crackers. It's easier to make small amounts

    Happy toking!

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  6. Another vote for firecrackers.

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  7. If you use basic math any stoner can figure out the proper ratios needed. 
  8. Make up your box brownie recipe without the oil. Remove some to a small bowl. Add your canna-oil to it and beat it in.  Add regular oil (slightly less than the recipe calls for) to the main batch of brownies and beat it in. Bake the "regular brownies" in a baking pan as usual. Bake the "special brownies" in a couple muffin tins, or a mini-loaf pan. Problem solved! :yay:
    I frequently bake my "special" brownies in muffin tins because it is easier to get consistent doses.
  9. I would scoop out a small amount of brownie mix, mix up batter and put in a single muffin tin.  As for making the oil it seems much more productive to make a larger batch.  Smallest batch I made was 1ish sticks of butter to 7g of bud, plus some kief.
    Making small batches of cookies seems easier to me then brownies.
  10. Like everyone has been saying: firecracker!
    Two graham crackers with peanut butter in between. Just put a gram of bud on top of the peanut butter and mush it in.
    Wrap in tinfoil and put in toaster oven at like 300-350 degrees F for about 10 minutes. Keep checking so it doesn't burn.
    Let cool and enjoy.
    Look around in the edibles thread because there is a really good firecracker tutorial stickied.

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  11. Why does everyone love firecrackers? I have tried them before and they tasted like straight asshole and it was the worst thing ive ever ate... and they never work. Firecrackers arent an option
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    Don't make firecrackers anyone with half working taste buds can tell you they do taste like crap! Just listen to everyone else make a whole batch of brownies set a little aside an add weed butter or weed oil to the small amount and place it in a cupcake tin or a small ceramic dish that is oven safe if you have one.

    If you have weed oil and don't want to go through the process of making a huge batch of brownies then look up how to make a brownie in a coffee mug and add the oil to it. <- coffee mug recipe only requires a microwave no oven so you need butter or oil to make it work.

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  13. This has always worked perfect for me. Adjust your dosage based on your tolerance
  14. man i know how make mariuana brownies with the butter why not just make a fudge brownies. peanut butter is bs anywats

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