How to make hydroponic Organic Nutrients?

Discussion in 'Advanced Growing Techniques' started by Meihk, Aug 24, 2007.

  1. is there a way to make organic nutrients for hydroponic? i want to grow with organic nutrients from veg to havest is it possible with out lost of yield? organic vs chemical which is better? please help me out
  2. Do you only want to have organic nutrients or do you want to make them, because hydro stores sell a wide range of organic nutrients. And to answer your other question in my opinion organics produce a better quality smoke if not more potent.

  3. does it fk lol :D
    organics in hydro is a pain in the fkin arse that's what it is :/
    chasing ph & foul smell.
    stick to chemo.

    & better quality my fkin arse - where did u get that from?

    organic feeds in hydro is a lovely idea,but totally impractical & waste of money imo with ridiculously overpriced nutes made from rotting shit.
    compared to my regular canna aqua, i use 60ml each perchange, set ph & thats it done for up to a mth - absolutely stunning plants & killer toke every time.

    u will waste a lot of $$ on fancy bottles of shite before coming to the same conclusion.
  4. organics produce a better quality smoke
    Better flavor ....has been proven many times amoung my friends
    My friend "RayJay" some of you may have seeds of his from C'bay...
    gave me a "Lemon Bud" clone years ago ...
    a few months later he and his wife were at our house...and I pulled out some new stuff ...
    after two hits he said "OMG....I need a clone of this stuff what is it? ".....
    I proudly said "It's "Lemon Bud" and the mother is at your house ".....
    he grows Hydro

    if not more potent.
    Never seen it .....flavor yes Potency no
    Make hash from both and ya' won't be able to tell the difference
  5. Alright, I may have exaggerated about potency, it is just I am a firm believer that there is not better smoke on EARTH then a plant grown with completely organic soil. for the time being soil has things that hydro just can't match. and thats the truth. I got nothing against hydro I think it is innovative, I just don't think our chemicals will EVER match the power of mother nature. and if you deny that you are a fool.
  6. PS. Love your sig Dr.Jeans makes me hug my dog every time I read it!:D

  7. Hell ya' Bro......Soil/soil mix all the way :bongin:

  8. Our dogs are our "Kids".....:)
  9. I guess that's what you get for asking questions like that. Organic-Hydro is, by far, the best tasting, however, I think that a lot of people confuse 'outdoor' for 'Organic'. It usually is, but nothing compares to the sweet sweet taste of 4000 watts over 5 gallon buckets of high-grade organic flowering soil (with a light additive).

    It's not that difficult, in my opinion, it allows for more plant-space (unquestionably), and it tastes better overall. It doesn't take any longer to finish. The only reason people don't is because rock-wool and chemicals is so much easier to use. And it's also cheaper, in some aspects.

    But basically it comes down to preference. Personally, I like what I do, and I know you like what you do. And personally, there isn't a strain of 'Lemon' anything that tastes good.

    But then again, it's a preference. Just make a decision and stick to it;)
  10. i have posted a thread before about using a res with live fish in it and cycling the water through a hydrosystem. this is organic and very easy, no smell and all u do is feed fish. no expensive nutes to buy just fish food. but i guess no one was intersted
  11. Feeding plants or feeding fish. Fish need to be fed everyday.

    Organic soil grows and organic hydro grows are 2 different things. Somehow this thread flipped to soil grows. :eek:

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