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How To Make Good Oil Step By Step With Pictures

Discussion in 'Harvesting and Processing Marijuana' started by GreenOperator, Jul 16, 2011.

  1. Hello blades and bladies of Grasscity, I had noticed that there were a few threads on different ways of making different hash but i didnt realy see anything for oil and the best oil i have ever had i made myself so i thought i should share my method and tips on how i make it with you all. im hoping this thread will become a sticky and be very useful to many people.

    First off we will start with all the materials needed to pull this off:

    - Cannabis ( bud, shake, trimmings, leaves. one or all )
    - Isopropyl Alcohol 99% ( how much depends on how much material you have to make your oil with )
    - A white 100% cotton pillow case
    - Two 5 gallon buckets
    - A few mason jars
    - coffee filters
    - Electric Frying pan with heat control ( deep dish prefered )
    - A measuring cup or some other easy pouring device
    - Vials ( or what ever you want to put your oil in when its complete )
    - A hard plastic card ( unimportant card, not your bank card, it will be ruined )
    - Fans
    - Fire extinguisher ( just incase, safety first! )
    - Lighter

    There is 1 or 2 parts that are kind of tricky doing it yourself unless you rig something up. I did that one time and i recomend you have a partner help you out with this.

    The most important thing of all is DO NOT do this in an enclosed area, make sure you have alot of ventilation.

    Now i have done this all in 1 day before but it makes for a long day, so i break it up into 2 days. day 1 i do all the "prep work" and day 2 i do the cooking. here we go:

    Step 1: you need to make sure that your cannabis is frozen, i always keep my "oil bags" in the freezer all year round while i collect it. Take your cannabis and put it on your pillow case. do not stuff it inside the pillow case like you would a pillow, you want to lay it flat, pile the weed on there and make it into a bowl.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Step 2: Hold your filled pillowcase over the 5 gallon bucket and pour the isopropyl into the pillowcase. **do not let the pillowcase sit in the isopropyl that is in the bucket you only want it to pour through**

    This is my jug of isopropyl and the bucket i use....still has some leftovers in it from last time



    Step 3: Our Isopropyl has all the good stuff in it so now we have to do the fine filtering to get all the dust and any little particles that may still be in there. To do this we get a few mason jars ( because it will take a while if you just use 1 mason jar ) put a coffee filter in the top of the jar and fold it to lip over top of the edge of the jar and then screw the lid overtop of it to hold it in place.

    The liquid looks dark because there is alot in there....its actualy pretty clear with a goldish brown colour to it. youl see in another pic.



    Step 4: Use your measuring cup/pouring device and scoop the Isopropyl out of the bucket and pour it into the jars letting it filter through the coffee filter ( you may need to change the filters a few times before you go through the whole bucket ) when the jar is full pour it into your second 5 gallon bucket *** Make sure your second bucket is very clean, buy a new bucket everytime you make oil and rinse it with plain water ***

    This is where i stop on day one so i pop the lid on the bucket and it sits overnight til i come back the next day to cook it.

    Step 5: Get your cooking spot set up with fans blowing right over your electric frying pan and your fire extinguisher at the ready should you have to use it ( i have never had to use it, i always do things on the safer side. it doesnt matter how long it takes to cook as long as it gets cooked without going up in flames...that shit is serious )

    There is another fan in there blowing its just back behind the fan you can see in the pic.


    This is the frying pan i used...its actualy a skillet.


    Step 6: Use your measuring cup/pouring device and scoop the Isopropyl out of the bucket and into the frying pan. you can set your frying pan to 225 degrees farenheit and let it cook. once the liquid has burned down low, pour more in and let it burn down again, and repeat until you have burned through the whole bucket of isopropyl. *** I DO NOT recomend that you cook it on any higher temperature then 225. especaily when you get down to the bitter end you should have it set to 200.

    the first pour cooking


    Third pour cooking


    It takes a while to cook it all....but better to spend a day cooking then to catch yourself on fire because you have no patients. ** each pour takes me about an hour to cook through **

    Step 7: OK so we have poured the last of our isopropyl into the fryer, we are just so anxious to see what the outcome will be, but first we have to prepare, get your card out and when the liquid is realy starting to get down just drag your card slowly from one side of the pan to the other and when its getting down to the oil you will amke a gap that will slowly fill in, once this starts happening turn your cooker down to max 200.

    Step 8: Keep dragging your card around and keeping the oil moving. the next most important thing is dont think your finished because you like the pile of oil that you see....there is still isopropyl in there cook it all out, if you dont the only one you are cheating is yourself. you might have more but it wont be nearly as good and its not good for you, if you want some real potent oil cook it all out! i would rather have 1 vial of properly cooked oil then 5 vials of undercooked oil. this is what oil with isopropyl in it will look like while its still cooking.


    Step 9: so your oil is looking like the picture above, if it is bubbling like that and you can still smell the isopropyl cooking out of it then obviously keep cooking. If you are having a hard time figuring out if its still cooking isopropyl out of it or not take your lighter and put the flame to the bubbles, it should ingite and the flame will probably spread to nearby bubbles if it is doing this then keep cooking. if it is bubbling just a little bit, you cant smell isopropyl cooking out of it when you put your nose close to the oil and it doesnt catch on fire when you put your lighter to the bubbles its probably done. i like to let it go just a tiny bit longer to realy make sure its all gone. this is what oil looks like when the fryer is still on and its finished cooking.


    Step 10: Getting the oil from the pan to the vial. I let the pan cool down so the oil is thick so you can scoop it with your card without having it run off on you before you are ready. so you got your glob of oil on your card and you hold your card on an angle so that the oil will run off the corner of the card in a little stream into your vial when you heat it up with your lighter. dont put the flame directly on the card. you dont want to burn the plastic or any of that bad stuff, jsut hold the flame a little bit away from the card and oil just enough to heat the oil and make it run off.

    I forgot to take pics of this part while i was doing it so i scrounged a little off the pan to show you. normaly there would be alot more oil on the card.


    Eventualy you wont have a pile of oil to scoop but there is still lots on that pan! turn the pan on again and scrounge all the last bit of oil that you can, let it cool down a bit and put the last of your hard earned black gold into its vial.

    Here you have the final product


    Now let me tell you, i spread a light layer of oil on a paper and throw a .1 - .2 of bud on it, smoke it with 3-4 people and it kicked our ass' for 3 hours

    I hope that now you to can have this kind of oil :smoke:

    il throw a pic of a slicked joint soon along with a how to roll an oiled joint as an edit just incase you might be a first timer. didnt think to take a pic of the first one i had. Enjoy!
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  2. Nice work + rep for sure man!
  3. What else can you do with the oil? +rep
  4. cool.... but where am i supposed to get the pound of weed from lol
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  5. Grow it! lol Yeah, good thread. Stickied bro!
  6. yes it can defenitely be done in smaller doses i just like to save up and do it once a year. my oil this time is smooth but intense, if feels nice inhaling and exhaling but still has a pretty good kick to it. how it tastes kind of depends on how you smoke it since it can be smoked by itself, with bud, and with tobacco. the oil itself has a very distinct taste. if its made properly i love it, but if its not the alcohol is in it still and it tastes like shit

    Thanks brother hope this helps you

    Well you can spread it on a paper and put weed and or tobacco on it and roll it up. i know some people who spread it on thier cigarettes, you can make what is called bullets around here, you put a nice layer of oil on a rolling paper and rip it into a couple pieces and fold the pieces up so youl have 4 little bullets you can smoke it in your pipe or bong, it works great in buckets. you can put it ontop of a packed bowl in your pipe or bong. you can mix it with bubble hash or any other hash that can be crushed into a powdery state and mix some oil with it ( very messy ) it makes for some great smoke. im sure there might be some other ways but thats all i got just off the top of my head.

    if you grow you can use all your fan leaves and trimmings and any leftovers. if your picky about what you smoke and you clean your buds you buy keep those and start collecting. it can be made in smaller batches. just buy less isoproply.

    Thanks Guru, thanks for coming by :wave:
  7. Can you dilute it with veg oil and use it for cooking? Or is it a smoke only kind of thing. Thanks :smoke:
  8. You can use it for edibles, but make sure you have 100% of the iso cooked out of it. using bubble hash would be better for making edibles seeing as how it only uses water and ice so if theres anything in it other then your cannabis product, its only water.
  9. Alright, here is the post for how to roll an Oiler for any one out there who hasnt made oil or has never had it before and chooses to make some. First of all this is all the things you need.

    Oil, Paper, Lighter, Bobby pin, a cd case or tray you are willing to ruin, Bud and or tobaco. im not a smoker so i always use bud.


    bend your bobby pin out like you see in the picture and burn off any plastic thats on the smooth side.

    Use your lighter and heat up your oil a little bit, you dont want it to hot and runny, keep it thick enough that it stays on the bobby pin but warm enough that it will spread nicely. Dont worry, you will get the hang of it.

    Dip the smooth side of your bobby pin into the oil and then set it a little bit away from the edge of the paper. press it down and slide it acrossed the paper. you probly wont be able to jsut do it in one quick slide, you may need to slide your bobby pin a couple different ways to get the whole paper slicked. dont put a huge glob of oil on your bobby pin. it doesnt take much to slick a paper.

    In the pic the bobby pin is where i would start and spread it to the right.


    i keep that little space empty of oil because i never smoke it that far down any ways.

    Then you take up your weed and or tobacco and sprinle it evenly acrossed the oiled surface and press it with your finger so its good and stuck in place.


    Fold it so the sticky is Popping out still


    Take the bottom of it and make a small tight fold and roll it tightly up to the sticky, lick and seal.


    Right before i smoke it i like to take the lighter and hold the flame 2 inchs away from the joint and run it back and forth along it while spining the joint in my fingers so that it heats up the oil without burning the paper so that it soaks into the paper and the weed in it. burns nicer and just makes for a nicer smoke overall.


    Enjoy every one! and dont be afraid to post a photo of oil youv made and/or your oiler :smoke:
  10. Thanks for the awesome guide man! I've made oil a few times now, but never rolled it up in a J like that. I'm definitely trying this after my next grow!
  11. That's a sick, SICK oil joint
  12. I just sexed my garden and have 4 one foot tall male i just cut up into little pieces is that worth making oil out of?
  13. mmm well, i know it extracts the oil out of the leaves so im sure you would get some oil out of it, but out of 4 1 foot tall plants that are male im not to sure what you get out of it, iv never made oil using males or hermies, iv made bubble hash using hermies and it turned out not too bad. if nothing else, id just save it and wait til you get some more trim/product that you wanna use to make it. i usualy save til i have atleast a pound of greenery to make my goods.
  14. well i did it its cooking right now let yall know how much i end up getting. Hope i'm not cooking alcohol for no reason!:eek:
  15. right on brother, post a pic with what you get after your done im curious to see, and hey, anythings better then nothing right
  16. It work only got one edge of a credit card worth but it worked, stoned of my ass can't barely type.:smoke:
  17. I got two male plants that I think I'm going to do this with tonight. Awesome guide bro!

    Do you absolutely have to freeze the trimmings for this to work correctly?
  18. no you dont have to, but it does help extract the goods out of it. if you can throw your iso in the freezer too.
  19. questions. why do u not put it IN the pillow case? seems it would do the same, and be easier to pour through? What are the coffee filters used to strain out? seems like the pillow case wouldn't even allow thc to pass..? Can you use the trim a second time and produce more oil? debating on weather to try your method, also how strong is the smell? will the neighbors think im brewing moonshine?
  20. you dont put it in the pillow case because the stitching holdng the 2 sides together allows more particles through then the pillow case itself, plus you want to have 2 layers not just 1. coffe filters are used to get rid of any little dust particles or anything that the pillow case missed. theres always some, even if its only a little bit, you dont want it in your oil. i have used it to make a second round before. IMO not worth it. to those who would be marketing it to people they dont care about. maybe. but i dont recomend. this is about getting quality not quantity. if you want more oil of lesser grade, let it soak in the iso for a while rather then doing 2 runs. smell was not too bad. did it in the backyard on a windy day, the smell never left my premisis. on a calm day i can see your neighbours smelling it if they live close to you.

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