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How to make good edibles that are discreet?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Robocop05, Feb 7, 2013.

  1. So basically, I don't want my parents to know and I want to make good tasting edibles that are discreet. I dont want my parents to think something fishy is up. I've never used before.
  2. You hooligan.
  3. firecrackers look it up

  4. Does it make a weird smell?
  5. All edibles make a smell while cooking... that can't be avoided, but it's not near as strong as smoking, you could just make it at a friends house or when their not home since the smell doesn't linger as long as smoke. If you mean the smell after it's cooked I wouldn't know I've never made one.
  6. for me firecrwckers smelled like peanutbutter and not weed at all but i did use avb.

  7. What temp does it have to get for it to work?

    If I were to take a sauce pan, heat it up, and put the firecracker in tin foil and when that sauce pan heats up take it outside and put the foil in the pan, would that heat it up enough? Could I maybe heat up both the graham cracker and the peanut butter to a moderately hot/warm temp and put the pot in the peanut butter and let it sit in the tin foil for a few mins?

  8. What's avb?
  9. already vaped bud. weed that has been smoked in a vaporizer. if you dont have one, you could also make firecrackers by letting the weed mix with the peanutbutter for a couple days and you can eat without cooking it

  10. So if you don't have to cook it, what's the point of cooking it when you can eat it? Why does it take a few days?

  11. No.

    Cooking with marijuana is a pretty finicky process, if you're not going to do it right then you're wasting your weed.
  12. Just make whatever you're going to make and if it smells, make a bag of popcorn in the microwave and let it burn a little bit.

    The smell will be burnt popcorn
  13. Oh, so cooking it just speeds up the process of the THC absorbing into the fat?
  14. My firecrackers don't smell I use nutella
  15. All these people saying that you can cook it OR let the THC saturate for a few days is a fool. The weed has to be heated to a certain point to be decarboxylated. Retards try to snort kief, or eat stems, or let weed sit with fat-high foods so it will absorb. THC does get absorbed by fat if its been decarboxylated but not if its not decarboxylated.
  16. weed brownies are pretty easy to make, they don't have much smell either.
    if your going to make firecrackers air out the whole house and make sure your parents arent home for atleast 2 hours incase you fuckup on the cooking or something happens
  17. Oh my God, the n00bness in this thread. "Used." ahahaha. It's not an unmentionable man.
  18. It's going to smell a little bit when u cook, but u need to cook. If you don't heat the THC before consuming, it won't do anything to you

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